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Unicorn Porn Blood

What can I say about writing the last couple of days?  Well, almost six hundred words in last night, but only because I was watching Project Runway until 9:30, and once I returned to my computer–after hearing Susan Sarandon say of a kilt designed for some of the men working in a club she owns, “Honey, none of my boys will wear a skirt”–I started writing . . .

Started and stopping, because I was also having a conversation with someone about a book I found, and we were both having a good time talking about it . . .

I like to go out to the Smashwords homepage and look for some of the more outrageous stories that have just been published.  By “outrageous” I mean, “Strangest Sexual Story Plot,” because some are, lets be honest, amusing in their vulgarity.  Sure, you have you dom/sub stories of all ilks; you have your M/M, F/F stories; you have the “Oh, we hooked up and you’re doing (name of kinky fetish here) to me!” stories.

But, if you look closely, there are other . . . things.

You spend any time on Smashwords, you find a lot of psudo-incest story:  son and stepmom, daughter and stepfather; step siblings of all strips.  I’m looking at one title right now with a older woman who’s on a dating site, agrees to met a younger guy–surprise!  It’s her stepson.  Do you think she’s going to say, “Bad boy!  Why aren’t you doing your homework?”  Then you don’t know erotica.

You find a few others here:  teacher/student, mostly college; doctor/patient; company executive/lowly worker, which can be just about anything . . . though, seriously  I would never want to do anything with any of my managers, though I do believe there was one time in my life where I believe my manager was coming on to me, but I’m a writer, and my imagination works that way.  Or maybe it was the shoulder rub she was giving me while I was writing code . . .

We were joking about something I found yesterday, which can only be described as unicorn erotica:  young woman who can’t walk is found by a unicorn, taken for a ride, and then given the offer to walk again if only . . . well, you know what’s coming next–the unicorn!  Ba-da-boom!  Thank you!  I’m here all week!

The thing is, we looked at this story, and the other stories, and discovered a few things.  One, this particular writer had a lot of books uploaded.  All of them were between six and ten thousand words.  And all of them were about three dollars.

I started wondering:  why don’t I take some of the old, old fetish stories I used to write for free, give them a good edit, then put them up with a quick cover?  Publish them under another name, and see if I generate some cash off those words.  Right now it’s something I’m joking about, but who knows?  If there is a market for these stories, and I have curiosity about whether or not mine would sell, I should go for it.

All I need is a good profile picture.

Maybe I’ll use a unicorn . . .


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