The BS is Over

This is what happens when you have people bugging your ass; it makes you get to work.

I’m hanging out last night and suddenly the subject of my ghost story I said I was working on came up.  Yes, I have been getting the notes together.  Yes, I had been finding pictures of the area of Bali where I am setting the story.  Yes, I have done research on the local and the creatures.

But what I was hearing was, “I haven’t seen a blog post about you writing,” followed by the inevitable sad, frowning emotcon.

Gee, who knew I really had fans?

So I started today.  499 words–yeah, I know, I could throw an “A” in there and make it 500, but I’m lazy.  I have it all down in my head, and now in the morning I’ll rip off more and more until I get to where I’m done.  That doesn’t mean I might not have to do some more research–for ghost busting equipment and such–but for now I’m on the story.  I’m doing it.

You know, when you start on this stuff, it can be fun.  Lets hope I don’t get bored and put it aside.

Oh, who am I kidding?

I now have fans who keep me honest.