Prog Rocking the Word

Yesterday I mentioned how I was going to try something a little . . . different with my writing today.  Got up, started the computer (’cause if I tried to write long hand no one–myself included–could read it) and loaded my song selections.  First off, I was going to work through almost 44 minutes 0f Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s recording of Pictures at an Exhibition; and then, if I was still in a good writing groove, I’d chuck in a few more minutes of something else.  The something else was another ELP arangement: Pirates, from their Works, Vol. 1 recording.

Got my coffee, sat down, started the first “song”, and started writing.

And how did I do?

It was a good scene; Balinese healer and Muslim paranormal investigator going over her equipment, her explaining what it does while giving the reader an indication of what each person is like.  It’s a good scene that I was getting into.  And so when Pictures ended, yes, I was still eager to write, and so I kicked off Pirates and kept on writing . . ..

And when it was over I had not only ended the scene, but I was happy with my output.

During the 44 minutes of Pictures I managed to crank out 856 words.  That’s not bad, as it works out to 20 words a minute, or about 1200 words an hour.  But with Pirates I really hit a groove; my end total was 1206 words.  Now, the second song is “only” 13 minutes long, but I knocked off with about 2 minutes to go, so in 11 minutes I did 350 words, and that works out to just under 32 words a minutes, or (drum roll, please), without altering word counts, just over 1900 words an hour.

And then I come out here to brag and lay out another 300 or so words.  Pretty good count for the day.

And nearly all of it done before 7:30 AM.  (Though the time stamp here is telling me it’s 7:47 AM, but who’s really keeping track?)

So for tomorrow, I know the scene I want to do.  Since I am on an Emerson, Lake and Palmer kick, I think I’ll start out with all of Tarkus (about 21 minutes) and finish the writing off with all three movement of Karn Evil 9 (just over 30 minutes).

After that, I’m gonna have to start dipping into the Yes catalog if I want to get my writing fix with long prog rock songs.