Stalking Ghosts be Hard!

Note to self: Tarkus doesn’t bring out the best of your descriptive self.  While it’s better than 99% of the stuff today, it tends to be a little bombastic, and that tends to bring on down.

Trying to write spooky is hard.  Today was the part of my Indonesian ghost story where I had by two protagonists out in a village in the middle of the night looking for their spiritual entity, living within the world that is both natural and supernatural.

In the hour and ten minutes that I wrote I think I managed to convey the mood I needed.  It’s moody without being booga-booga scary; you can feel, I believe, that something is out of kilter here, without it being “in your face”.  But getting that mood is hard.  I found myself backtracking a lot to edit what I had written, bringing it in line with what I was feeling.

As such, production was down–though if you consider “down” to be 1121 words in 1 hour 10 minutes, then so be it.  That’s still around 1000 words in an hour, and I’m sure there are a lot of people that would love that sort of output.  As it is, it feels a bit down for me, but then I’m nuts, so what do I know?

So what have I got?  So far I’ve a story in three sections–with the third section still to be completed, which I may do today or in the morning tomorrow–and a total of 3613 words.  Which, let it be known, isn’t bad.  What I’m finding fun is that I’ve only been on this for 4 days now, and between doing my little “writing with music” experiments and then telling all my followers (and I thank all three of you!) about the experience, I’m having fun.

Yes, today was a bit rough.  Description is always harder than dialog.  Anyone (well, almost anyone) can have characters chattering back and forth for page upon page, but that doesn’t always set the mood.  You need to show your reader what it going on, and I did that today–or so I hope.  Once I am finished with the first draft I’ll do my edits, and probably flesh out this part a little–

Or not.  Perhaps what spooky needs is to be seen . . . and in this case, heard as well.

Tomorrow I’m going to the Genesis well:  Super’s Ready (23 minutes) followed by 11th Earl of Mar (8 minutes) with a Ripples (another 8 minutes) chaser.  Would it be too much to throw in Home by the Sea (5 and a half minutes), or is having a song about a haunted house in the mix going a bit too far?