When the Dead Girl Laughs

Oh, such is the hunt for a ghost.  Had a very nice morning writing, even if I did have my groove broken into two distinct sections due to an . . . interruption from straight outta left field.

Musically there were two sections: Supper’s Ready, a 22 minute block that changes mood and tempo 7 times.  My mood was the same; bring the ghost onto the stage, get her seen, make her a part of the story.  As a former nitwit Preznit once stated, “Mission Accomplished”.  My ghost has officially become part of the story.

And then . . . interruption!  I was “asked” to come look at what was on TV because QVC was offering a stupendous Tracfone deal for triple minutes for life!  Now, while I am normally excited by such information–particularly at 7:15 AM, because, hey, nothing wakes me up like techie geek stuff–it did kicked my writing groove just a bit, as it pulled me away from the computer for 20 minutes.  I think the only time Hemingway stepped away from his writing for 20 minutes was to pull down a new bottle of bonded burbon, but I’m far from being Hemingway.

Then back to the writing, and what, for me, was the hardest part, since I had to “analyze” what my characters–one character in particular–had seen and put it into something akin to Ghostbuster’s terms.  It was free writing the scene, one that I’d thought of last night but not figured out in full detail.  Now, I do have the detail, but it comes after the opening, and tomorrow I’m going to hit for a full hour of writing as this is going to be the reveal of ghost’s name.  Notice I didn’t say who the ghost may be.  The ghost has a name, yes she does.  Tomorrow it will be spoken, and you will know it.  Will she be happy?  Probably not: she’s dead, remember?

The second half of my writing was a combination of songs that stretched out time to another 20 minutes, and that allowed me to get in a nice page of detail that ended with one of my characters walked up a path to visit the other, a big smile on his face and the “on stage” character wondering if this means good news or if the other character is happy to see her.  Hey, even ghostbusters like to be liked.

Since I am a braggy little bugger about my times, what did I do in terms of word count today?  Well, the first part took 25 minutes: yes, I went over Supper’s Ready by a few minutes because I was right at the end of getting my ghost seen and needed to finish the paragraph.  In those 25 minutes I added almost 2 pages in Word and 658 words.  In my second section (which I did end with Home by the Sea and got a nice little burst of inspiration, which had one character greeting the other by saying, “Sit down”.)  20 minutes, 420 words.  So, for my 45 minutes of writing I ended up with 1078 words, bringing the story up to 4699 words total.

Not bad output since I got serious about this story.

Tomorrow more reveal.  Like I said, I know who the ghost is.  And so will you.

Stay tuned, all three or four of you!