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Getting a Ghost On Stage Isn’t Easy

Oh, boy.  Today’s writing seemed a bit on the schizo side, if only because I had to take a couple of breaks (to hear about “things”) and to switch music.  And look up the names of towns in Bali, which I thought I had down last night and wuz wrong.  But I rocked out to Yes, and I gave my ghost a name.

I even got people standing in an open lot!

It was a bit strange, because when I was writing it felt like I had a great flow of energy pouring out.  But, I also went in fits and spurts.  Let me show you the log I have in the story (yes, I keep track of my word count over the time of songs played–like I told you, I’m nuts):


  • 464 words in 18:45
  • 195 words in 8:53
  • 216 words in 10:13
  • 156 words in 5:32
  • 116 words in 3:50


What I like when I’m looking at this is I can see how I was moving along, then slowed, then seemed to speed up but probably didn’t, then did, and then . . . well, I’m not sure what that last section did.  If I break down the word count per section, I get this:


  • 24.75 words/min
  • 21.96 words/min
  • 21.34 words/min
  • 28.21 words/min
  • 30.29 words/min


I can account for the pickup in word counts on the last two sections due to it being more of a conversation between the two main characters , where as sections 2 and 3 involved describing the scenes.  “Showing” can be a pain because you need to flip your mind over into seeing the scene in your head, then “showing” it to your readers.  I feel I did a good job–not great, but good–and I’m happy with the outcome.

The final total for the day was 1147 words in 48:13, which works out to 23.79 words a minute, or 1427 words and hour.  And that’s not a bad total, though today I could feel the words fighting to get out, rather than flowing as they have in the previous days, but I don’t consider that to be an issue.  It’s the weekend, folks, and I’ve got . . . distractions.  Tomorrow resets to Monday, and while I have some business in the morning, I’ll probably get through my writing rather quickly.  I know what comes next, and I think this will be there shit starts to get a little real.

Particularly if I get my next big reveal in tomorrow.

One thought on “Getting a Ghost On Stage Isn’t Easy

  1. Every word written is a victory against death. Keep going, Ray! Oh, and btw…I’m digging your playlist.

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