Slow and Steady

No music but what I streamed from the radio made the writing today a little different.  It also didn’t help that I was interrupted a couple of times, once to see a video, another time to get my coffee because I was out–and who can write in the morning without coffee?

But write I did, and there was a big difference today.  It wasn’t the lack of musial accompaniment, because lets face it: I can’t spend every morning trying to find something on YouTube that’s gonna get my juices flowing.  It was because I woke up with that, “Do I really need to write feeling?” bouncing about in my head.

And it pissed me off.

You see, yes, I did need to sit down and write, but suddenly I’m at a very hard part in the story that involves discussing the particulars of a young girl’s death, and it’s ugly.  No one wants to deal with that shit.  You have to take a character who is going to look like an evil git and you gotta make people feel sorry for her.

And as I’ve stated before, some times you get caught within a character and you don’t want bad things to happen to them.  Tough titties, as my maternal grandmother used to say.  You’re the writer; you show people the ugly side of that girl’s life.  Climb inside her skin and know that she’s going to end in an extremely bad way.

And then show the pain.

I didn’t get a lot done today–only 641 word in 50 minutes, which works out to 770 words an hour.  “Only”, he says.  There are other writers who’d kill for that word count, so I need to lighten up and accept I’m not going to Harlan through damn story.

Sometimes I’m gonna be like, you know–other writers.

I also rewrote a small part of the story from yesterday, because I was told that something was needed as my two main characters approached the “scene of the crime,” so to speak, so I threw that in.  I need to come up with a nice Islamic prayer–and I hope you don’t have a problem with Islamic prayers in Indonesia–and then . . . tomorrow I go back on the hunt.  And it’s going to be a very productive hunt.

Are my ghostbusters going to have a nice night, or what?