She’s Here!

I do seem to crank it out when I have music I like.

Today I went back to loading up music for my reveal, and boy, did it work.  Started out with Genesis’ Tonight, Tonight, but slipped right into ELP’s Karn Evil 9 and Pirates, and I just cruised.  Nothing like long stretches of music to get that muse in the mood.

Today I brought out my ghost to play–and not to sound melodramatic, but I got shivers writing some passages.  Now the big question is: will others get the same shivers at this point?  I’m gonna channel a little Cowardly Lion and say, “Oh, I do, I do I do I do hope they do!”  It’s one of the first times I’ve been moved by my own writing while I was writing it, and it’s a good feeling.

It means I’m getting through to me.  And if I can do that, then maybe others will follow.

She is here, and she’s spooky.  And she had something she wants to do, but you’re going to have to wait to see what that is.  I’m about 8500 words into this story, and I can say I see the end.  And I’m close to it.  I’ve been told they think the story may run 14,000 words, which is almost but not quiet the upper limit of a novelette.  And since I’m already into novelette territory (once you pass 7500 words you’ve left Short Story Land behind) I might as well keep that as my target.  Can I wrap up the story in another 8000 words or so?  We’ll see.

Oh, and another thing I did was check the gender bias on this section, which is something I’ll write about later.  Writing is solidly female, which is good, since my main female protagonist is on stage.

And in case you’re interested in my word production: 1025 words in 51 minutes, or about 1200 words an hour.  Yeah, Karn Evil 9 was really making my mood–though I wrote at a 1450 word/hour rate for the last 12 minutes, so maybe I should put Pirates on loop and see if I can keep that up.

More ghost tomorrow?  Most definitely.  And after that?

You’re just gonna have to keep reading, won’t you?