This Beat Goes On

Today I tried something different with my music/writing.  I thought, “Hey, instead of doing a few long songs, I’ll load up a bunch of smaller songs and see how that works.”    I was in the mood for it, because, well why not?  My daughter and I watched a live stream of Coldplay in Chicago last night, and I felt like I wanted to keep that feeling I had late last night carry into this morning.

So I loaded up with the following in this order:


  • O Valencia!   The Decemberists
  • Lovers in Japan (Osaka Sun Mix)   Coldplay
  • Escape   Journey
  • Under the Milky Way   The Church
  • Distant Sun   Crowded House
  • Head over Heels   Tears for Fear
  • Wonderous Stories   Yes
  • Lost   Coldplay
  • Ashes to Ashes    David Bowie
  • The Killing Moon    Echo and the Bunnymen
  • Metropolis    The Church
  • Viva la Vida    Coldplay


And went to work.

The story is winding down.  As I was told yesterday, “I bet you know exactly how the story will end,” and, yes, I do, but the trip today was a strange one because I was doing both scene and dialog trying to get the feeling across to the reader, and I got there.  I think.  I won’t know until my trusty reader goes over this section and gives me the thumbs up or down.

But I liked it.  It felt good.  The characters felt right.  And I feels like I’m heading to the right conclusion.  I might change things up just a little when I polish the story, but right now, I’m happy.

And what sort of production did I have today?  I’d say it was very good:  1246 words in 53:19, or 1402 words/hour, which brings my story total up to just a tick under 12,000 words.

The Beat Went On today.  Tomorrow I’ll switch into glide.