A Quick Left Onto Logic Lane

So here I’ve been, two straight weeks writing well and hard . . . and today I have a slip.  Well, not so much a slip as a “Oh, I’m having trouble getting my new phones registered and it’s taking a lot longer than I thought and, oh shit!!!!!”–

Anyway, it happens.  What I wanted to do today got derailed badly.  But rather than toss it all in the bin I’m going to something that’s needed–

When my Trusty Editor(tm) was looking over the section I wrote yesterday, she had a question: why are my character all of a sudden running off hell bent to go do something?  What has happened in my ghost story is that something important has suddenly pointed toward a person having done something, and with that . . . my two main characters are off to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and they left the bubblegum back at the hotel.

The thing is, why are they doing what they’re doing?  That was the question the Trusty Editor asked.  And when the question was asked, it not only made sense, but it made me realize that a scene I had questioned putting in the story–that scene now made a lot of sense in terms to the modivation of the main characters in the last major scene in the story.

Every story needs its own logic.  Even though it might be strange or twisted, there has to be some kind of consistency that makes things “work”.  I have another story I’m developing where someone is transported into another world where they discover they can do magic.  (Yes, yes, I know; sue me for beating this horse.)  Now, if they can’t do magic here, in our world, why can they do magic in this other world?  There has to be a reason, a logic there, for that to be true, ’cause saying, “They just can, ‘kay?” doesn’t work any more.  ‘Cause if your story lacks logic, then there’s only so much disbelief the reader can suspend before they start muttering, “This is such bullshit!” and decide they’ve wasted a huge chunk of their life.

And that, my friends, is a reader you’re never, ever going to get back.

So today my plan is to going over my story and add in the scene I originally wanted but decided against writing.  It might take some time to get that scene correct, but I’ll get it I will.

Because when it comes to having your characters go nuts with large, sharp objects, you want there to be a reason for it.