Like a Boss

There is something about knowing the end is near that actually brings a modicum of happiness.  Today I brought the final battle to my characters, rolling out the boss, so to speak.  Short, to the point, and violent.  There is one last scene and the story is finished, done, ended.

And I feel good about it.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve been at this point, and the sense of accomplishment is huge.  I had the idea, saw the concept through, built visually it in my mind and put it to “paper”.  I used the skills I knew I had and brought some additional tools to the table to do the job.

And had fun.

The music was a bit retro 80’s today.  Yeah, I know I should have had some Elvis in there–maybe the ZZ Top version of Viva Las Vegas would have done the trick.  Maybe tonight I’ll get someone to shoot me up with a lot of opiates and spent 3 hours trying to go to the bathroom; we’ll see.  Anyway–music!


  • Stop Your Sobbing  The Pretenders
  • West End Girls  Pet Shop Boys
  • Head Over Heels  Tears for Fears
  • Reap the Wild Wind  Ultravox
  • Sax and Violins  Talking Heads
  • Precious Time  Pat Benatar
  • Dance Away  Roxy Music
  • Living on a Prayer  Bon Jovi
  • The Killing Moon  Echo and the Bunnymen
  • Sowing the Seeds of Love  Tears for Fears
  • Shadows of the Night  Pat Benatar
  • Talk of the Town  The Pretenders


Even though the music only played out to 53:58 I was so close to the end that I ran past the clock and finished the scene: call it an hour straight up, with a total production of 1010 words.  Good day for writing, considering what went down in the scene.

Tomorrow comes the conclusion, and I will finish it.  I know it’s only going to be another thousand works, so I go until it’d done.  To be honest, when I started writing three weeks ago today, I really didn’t think I’d get to this point.

I’m really pleased to be wrong for once.