So it is Written, So it is Done

And here I thought I’d be happy after 22 days of writing . . ..

When I finally closed out my story today, putting “The End” at the bottom of the page, I thought I would be relived.  But I woke at 4:30 with the final words in my head, the scene before me.  It wanted me to write it right then and there, and by 6 I was on the computer, getting set up, and by 6:45 I had the music on and the words were flowing.

There was something of a musical theme today:


  • Goodbye Stranger   Supertramp
  • Beware of Darkness   George Harrison
  • The Entertainer   Billy Joel
  • Silent Lucidity   Queensryche
  • Hide in Your Shell   Supertramp
  • Isn’t Life Strange   Moody Blues
  • Say Goodbye to Hollywood   Billy Joel
  • Take Me Home   Phil Collins
  • Take the Long Way Home   Supertramp
  • We Said Hello, Goodbye   Phil Collins


And I didn’t just stumble my way through a few hundred words getting to a conclusion.  No.  I wrote through the music; then, knowing I had just a little more to go, I replayed a couple of songs so I’d know my total time.  And when that was done, I’d written 1506 words in 59:28 for 1520 words/hour.

And even that wasn’t enough, because after doing a bit of running I knew there was something I forgot.  So I returned, put in that part, and saw I’d tacked on another 200 words.  So, 1700 words for my last scene, bringing the total count to 24,400.  All that is left is to go back, edit, and hope when I send this off the first thing I hear isn’t, “Wow, is this long!

And as my Muslim ghost hunter said her goodbyes to her Balinese healer friend and walked to the ferry, I felt a great deal of sadness–there was nearly a moment when a tear began to form as the lyric “Turn your head/don’t look back” played.  Because I didn’t want this to end.  I have so much invested in these two characters that I wanted to keep going–

But you can’t.  You have to stop, for stories always end.  If they didn’t, they could never be shared.

Damn.  I guess this means I’ll have to find more stories to tell . . ..