NaNo NaNo

I’m gonna cover a lot of stuff here; some will be clean and some will be dirty, so just hang on.

With my first story published (Kuntilanak, found on Smashwords.  Yeah, I’m pimpin’) a few of my friends, besides offering congratulations, also said, “Ray, are you gonna try you hand at NaNoWriMo?”  Yes, they were giving me encouragement to try my hand at a novel, because, why not?

But in the past I wasn’t ready for something like that.  The idea of sitting down every day and cranking out words with the end result of achieving the goal of producing a novel . . . I couldn’t do.  I just didn’t have it in me.  Last year I was really this huge, emotional wreck, and though I had the lofty goals of authorship in mind, I didn’t have what it took inside to pull it off.

That’s all changed, if you haven’t noticed.

Now, yes, my first novel awaits.  It wants to get its ass finished, oh yes.  But some time back in August I wrote about a story idea that I wanted to bring to fruition after my current story was completed and handed over to the masses.  And since this story is really designed to become a novel . . ..

Well, why not NaNo it?

So, like so many others who love abuse, I will try my hand at the National Novel Writing Month, aka NaNoWriMo.  I have my author’s page up and it is slowly developing, but the one thing that is in place–besides my photo, which you will notice isn’t me–is the name of my novel.  No, I’m not going to tell you what it is, you have to go and look it up.  While I still think of my WiP as a “Steampunkish Erotic Paranormal Fantasy”, I’ve had to go with “Science Fiction” as the genre, since NaNo likes to keep things simple.

50,000 words; 30 days; 1700 words a day average.  Yeah, I can do it.

I already have my notes in Scrivener, and Trusty Editortm told me they’re ready to help with the manuscript.  (Yes, I know the NaNo people say it’s okay to write crap, but I don’t roll that way).  Between now and 1 November I’ll get “the rules” for magic and the City of Chicago (yes, I’m going there) and some of the other world mechanics down, and so when I start there’ll be some inner logic in place.  But this is going to happen.  And I will probably blog about the experience, so hang tight.  It’s gonna be fun.

Now, about my current story, my little erotic adventure that I was writing for a lark–so much for larking.  I knocked off a quick 500 words last night, and the story has reached a point where it’s starting to seem a little like Eddie Izzard telling you “Cake or Death!“–only there’s no cake (it’s a lie, remember?) and there’s definitely no death . . . when given a choice between orgasm or urinating, which do you choose?  Oh, wait: I’ve set up the story so that the decision really rests in someone else’s, um, hand . . . yeah, I’m nutty that way.

Anyway, after thinking it over, I figure that when I’m done with this erotic romp I’m going to format it, do up a cover and upload it to Smashwords.  I’m not really interested in making a lot of money off this, so when it becomes available you, my Lovely Readers, will be able to check out my erotic stylings for $.99!  Believe me, it’ll be a steal.

Will I write more erotica?  At the moment the answer seems like “no”, but, you know–I’m a strange dude.  You never know when I might just start ripping out a story about someone being encased in latex for a whole month and how they deal with the implications and the erotic feelings they develop being like that, and how they feel when they’re with their lover and . . . you get the picture.  Sure, that’s more fetish writing than anything else, but if there’s one thing I know it’s fetish fiction.

Maybe I’ll go there.  Maybe I won’t.  Lately it seems like I’m seeing stories everywhere I look, so we’ll see.  And if I can put it up independently and people demand it (yeah, they’re beating down my door right now), then who am I to say no?

Because in the end it’s all about telling stories.  And if people are interested, then it’s all good.

And I love feeling good.