Fantasies Galore

I have to say the weekend was good from the point of writing and kicking around ideas.  Now, I didn’t do a lot of writing.  Mostly it was thinking, it was note taking, it was getting everything in line.  I have a pretty good idea how my novel for NaNoWriMon is going to go, and the more I dig into the background of the world that my character, Jeannette Hagart, will exist, the more confident I feel it’s going to feel real.

The biggest hurtle I had was figuring out how magic worked.  I had it laid out in my mind, but at best it was nothing more than an idea.  Then I put it down on paper–as much as electronic media can be considered paper–and suddenly, yes, it all makes sense.  There’s still work to do and things to figure out in the next, let me see the countdown clock . . . 21 days and change as of this post, but I’m confident I’ll resolve those issues.  (Did you really think I was going to end with that three-word phrase that epitomizes everything one needs to know about being an ignorant hillbilly?  For shame.)

But, hark!  But at the same time I was involved in more world building with someone else.  A friend who I’ve known for a year now–one who I met in a writing class was taking–and a past participant in NaNo, is getting back into the novel she started last year.  So we chatted, and we kicked some ideas involving her story around, and she got into Scrivener and started noting things out.  (Yes, I know I’ve already mentioned this in passing, but I can talk about it again–it’s my blog.)  She’s got a great idea, and it’s highly possible our discussions about walking around in a very strange realm has led to some of the memorable dreams I’ve had of late.

(And even though I have it on my link list, check out my friend’s blog.  Yes, you’re just be blog whored.  Was it good for you?  Now give me a kiss–and leave your like on the dresser on the way out–)

And now that all that’s out of the way, lets get to the real fantasies . . ..

(Just to let you know, some kinky stuff is going to happen below this line.  If you don’t wanna read it, don’t go there.  You’ve been warned!)


I was discussing my little erotic story (which, when I finish it this week will top out about 10,000 words) with another of my female friends, and the talk led into areas which were, to say the least, very erotic and sensual.  I’ve found that when you write stuff like this and begin discussing it, something happens: the inhibitions come down and the imagination starts to work overtime.

And then the fantasies come.

Hers was one you don’t hear every day: she’s always wanted to watch a guy get himself off.  I can understand that, ’cause unless you’re a woman who’s watching a lot of non-lesbian porn, you’re not gonna see that money shot very often.  That part of the act is, for the most part, gonna finish up in her, um, Chamber of Secrets.  (Yes, I went there: sue me.)  So I can understand that, as a women, having a certain fascination at wanting to see that part of the act occur.

So we got to discussing doing just that, and as things progressed the discussion became a bit more graphic in turn–like we were laying out a scene for a story–and by the time we’d reached the almost end, she was imagining herself on her knees with a deposit of someone’s love offering covering her breasts.

I say “almost end”, because the coda to that was her standing, pushing her breasts together, and asking her partner to clean her off–

With his tongue.

As Hank Kingsley used to say, “Hey now!”

It’s very intriguing to go into these discussions, because you not only see how another person’s imagination works, but you see how far you can take yours.  And if you can go to crazy sexual places with your imagination–

Just imagine where you can really take it when pressed.