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Putting the Gear Away

I did something last night I’ve not done in a long time–no, not that.  Boy, put “erotica” in a hashtag and people begin thinking you’re Oscar Wilde setting off getting a load on and lashing rent boys.

No, last night I added about 600 words to my little erotic story I’ve been working on for a few weeks (folder was created on 20 September, so, yeah, a few weeks) threw in a virtual “The End” and there you have it: 10,000 words for an almost short story (a Novelette, if you will) in a completely different genre than the one I’d ripped off at the end of September.

So what is this thing that I did last night?  By finishing this story, it became the first time in a very long time that I cranked out two stories, back-to-back, and finished them.

That was my second “The End”, and it came only 21/2 weeks after I put my story Kuntilanak for sale on Smashwords.  (Yes, that was a double blogwhore; leave the money on my PayPal dresser, if you please.)  In the past I’ve done stories back-to-back before, but there has always been a . . . call it a reason why I never finished anything.  Sometimes it was due to the story getting away from me; sometimes I’d simply lose interest and give up; sometimes I’d work very, very hard at convincing myself that whatever it was I was doing sucked big time, so why bother?

No matter the reason, it didn’t happen in the past.  It happened last night.

And I feel better for the fact.

I was fortunate that Trusty Editortm happened to be on last night, so I combined all the parts into one document (Hail, Scrivener, for allowing such ease!) and sent it over to them for a quick read.  I think they liked it: actually, I think they got a little steamed up over the story.  And that’s even better, because the intention with erotica is to titillate, to arouse, to take the reader to that special place, as we might say.  And maybe I’ve done that, after so long away from actually writing anything in this field–

I should say, though, that this story is very much unlike anything I’ve written before.  Yes, I’ve written fetish fiction before, and while this had a lot of BDSM elements in it, this story was way different than the pieces I wrote before.  This was more real, if you can understand that.  It’s something that could happen.

And it feels real good.

So, 24,300 words on one story, 10,000 words on another–yeah, I’m getting up there in terms of putting out the tales.  And now that NaNoWriMo is starting up in a couple of weeks–50,000 words of madness, people!–I’ve laid the ground work for getting into my daily writing habit.

It’s all coming together.  My NaNo novel is plotted out; the notes are ready.  I’ve got two weeks to get into the mindset to write like a mad man.

What should I do until then?

Maybe . . . it’s time for another story.

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