The Crazy Writer Sings Songs of Love–

Yesterday was a time for reliving.  No, not in the sense that I died and came back to life via some combination of magic and/or alchemy.  Nor did I shamble around the house doing my best Walking Dead lurch, mumbling “Brains” the whole time.

No, the reliving I did was in the form of going through my latest work in progress with Trusty Editortm and correcting all the boo boos I did when I was creating my intimate erotica story.

There is something very satisfying about sitting on one side of a computer with your story before you while someone on their other end of their computer is reading through it, looking it over, getting into the feel of the story, and finding little things here and there than either feel wrong or need to be corrected.

And it’s a very good feeling.

I’m really good when it comes to creating my first draft.  I used to think my first drafts were near perfect, and when we went through the first 4500 words yesterday, even though I hate finding stupid little mistakes here and there–I like to make “her” to be “here” for some reason, or use an “ing” instead of an “ed” and vice versa–I have to say that it makes me feel good to know how “clean” I am.

And with Trusty Editortm on the job, I know my work is gonna come out really, really good.

Now, the other thing I have to say about Trusty Editortm–and if this seems like I’m talking them up a lot, you’d be right–is that my erotica isn’t chasing them away.  Now, no one is losing body parts in the story, or being flogged with a puppy, but there are a few scenes that might drive someone away (and this is the part where I tell you what those parts might be, so Run Away if you don’t want to read!).  There is one extended scene involving my female character being masturbated while she’s trying to keep from urinating, and later there is some rather good bondage (trust me) followed by anal penetration and stimulation with a vibrator . . . or, as I like to call it, Saturday night.

And Trusty Editortm reads this and goes, “Yeah, this is really good . . . and you did this–“.  Well, sure, they read it before they began editing and found it all pretty hot, but I like how they can shift gears and put on their editor’s hat and help me out without getting all hot and bothered with weighted nipple clamps.  (Oh, did I say that?)

I’m happy to have their help, ’cause without them I wouldn’t have turned my last story into what it is today.  (And if you want to know what that last story became, then read Kuntilanak and show me some love for this blog whoring.)  And they’re going to do the same thing for this story.

‘Cause with their help it leaves me with more time to find pictures of people in bondage that I can use for a book cover.  I know: tough job . . . but someone’s gotta do it.

And I know when I start my NaNo novel they’ll be there with me, helping me out when I need it.

I love my editor Trusty Editortm, and I think that’s the highest complement I can pay them.

And for you reading this–you should only be so lucky.