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Bounteous Offerings

Oh, yesterday, yesterday.  Such it was that so many things just seemed to come together and make it magical.  It was one of those days that you wish could happen all the time, that you could wake up and hit the ground running (which the Mythbusters proved really did you no good) and just be constructive.

It was the perfect storm of creative goodness.

No secret I’m getting geared up for NaNoWriMo.  I finished up what I think my characters will look like, and when Trusty Editortm showed up I fired off the pictures to her so she could give me her opinion–which is why she’s Trusty Editortm .  So she looks them over and is happy with everything I picked out–save one.  And it’s an important one, because it’s my main character.

Now, at first, I had the impression she didn’t want to say anything, but I insisted.  And she told me, more or less, that if my main character was suppose to be of Greek heritiage with a little Persian blood thrown in, then she should look it . . . and the picture I’d chosen didn’t look the part.  And I had to agree, because that character had been hard to “sync up”, so to speak.

So back to Flickr, back to looking for pictures, back to narrowing my search to “Greek Women”.  Damn, and wouldn’t you know it?  One of the first pictures I see, I shoot over the link, and Trusty Editortm looks it over and says, “That’s what I’m talking about.”  And, again, she was right: the picture was more in line with how my main character should appear.  (Acutaly, Trusty Editortm also said something like, “She’s got a great costume and (the first girl) doesn’t seem like it would work for her.”  This is why I have a Trusty Editortm .)

So one part of my day saved and a character realized more fully.  It’s a great thing to have, for someone to come in and help you where and when you need it, and set you on the right path in your creative process–and you can do nothing more than thank them.  To do anything more might be illegal . . . or could get you in all sorts of trouble.

So the NaNo novel is just waiting for the countdown to get to zero.  What to do in the meantime?

After my encounter with Trusty Editortm my friend who is also Lovely Annie, my role playing sweetheart (really, my character’s, but who cares?), showed up, and we got back into a little of the give and take that is our character’s lives.  It was the first time in a while we did it, and it went on for a few hours . . . and I have to say, it was a lot of fun.  I’ve missed the character interaction, and of late, when we slip into our characters, it feels like the dynamic between them has changed.  I’d have to say that we are more “in tune” with what they are feeling, and as such we are able to take them in different directions than we could have imagined when we first created them.  See, Jill?  Not everyone is a emotionally shallow pool of scum like you; some people actually know how to relate to other people with love and affection.

So now that we’ve started back on that path, I’m certain there will be more to come.  Why do I know that?  Because I know Lovely Annie.  I know what she wants, and what she needs, and, I believe, what she desires.  So more creativity from that side of my life.

And now, for something erotic.  Hey, it’s Saturday: I gotta get the juices flowing somehow.  Oh, and in case you didn’t relalize, dirty talk ahead.

You’ve Been Warned.

This actually happened a few days ago, but, hey, Time is Relative, right?  (Or is it the new meme, “Timey Wimey”?  I can’t remember.)  My erotic writing friend–whom I’ve yet to label, but I will soon–we were talking about, of all things, sex.  And one of the things she mentioned that sorta kinda turned her on would to be either walk in on someone who is, or have them walk in on her during, the act of masturbating.  She even went into some detail about the sort of things she’d like to see and do, and one of those things involved Ms. Sexy Writer (see, she’s labeled), in the bedroom, going at it with a sex toy.  And then someone comes in, finds her, and rather than fix her cable they decide to join in the fun, so to speak . . ..

And it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see where this might go.

The problem is–I have a lot of imagination, and I can see it going in a lot of different directions.

See, sex needn’t be just sex: that’s why you have erotica, or at least that’s the theory.  As one friend told me, “Sex should always be more, even if fucking is what’s required.”  There should be something there, and I don’t necessarily mean you must have the greatest, unending love the universe has ever seen–but, as a couple, you should always be on the same wavelength and hold deep regard for each other.  Okay, yeah: that is love.  I guess this means I’ve given up playing around . . . oh, wait.  I gave that up decades ago . . ..

Anyway, I’ve held onto this image for a few days–I mean, why wouldn’t I?  I’m alive, aren’t I?  And while I was thinking about this, holding onto it, something else came up–a conversation about one of the various paranormal ghost hunting shows on TV.  And just like that–BAM!!  I got an idea for a story.  One that sort of starts off with Ms. Sexy Writer’s idea of being “caught”–wink wink, nudge, nudge–and then some supernatural entity gets involved, things change, sex happens, hilarity ensues.  Or more erotic love making; I haven’t decided yet which it’s gonna be.

This is how my mind works these days.  I hadn’t set out to do another erotic story–I mean, I got a novel I’m gonna work on, for gawd’s sake–but the idea is there, and it’s one that doesn’t want to go away now.

Could it be I’m possessed?

Or could it be that these days I know how to take a few ideas, put them in that blender that passes for my mind, and come up with things that I think are going to interest people other than me?

I guess we’re going to find out, won’t we?

One thought on “Bounteous Offerings

  1. Excellent post honey 🙂 Gave me a good giggle and I’m with you there on wanting to get your characters correct because now I’m deciding whether or not to change my characters around a bit…arrggghhh

    *bites n kisses*

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