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Dreaming the Dream

NaNoWriMo kick off last night, and it was great.  Ran into a couple of friends who I’ve gamed with–one of  them the former owner of a really nice space ship and Jones, the Space Cat of Death, who always, eventually gets you even when you’re smiling while holding him–and meet another person who I can turn into a writing buddy.  We also made plans for getting together, including an idea I had for a Dusk-to-Dawn session that would involved Chicago pizza and my friend’s girlfriend having to dance barefoot on a table with a snake wrapped around her shoulders.

These are interesting times.  It should be Panicville right now, but it’s not.  It’s feeling like a great time to work, to develop, to create . . . and to work.  I was told last night I’m approaching this with an energy that’s somehow different that what I had earlier, and they’re right.  I feel have something this very moment that is way off the charts from what I had when I wrote my last two stories.  Good or bad?  Who cares?  I’m the guy with the word processor.

Part of it might be what I discovered yesterday after yesterday’s post.  The day before I’m talking about my erotic story to Trusty Editortm and they mention that they’ll be happy when they hear I’ve sold the story, that others are enjoying it.  I’m like, “Sure,” because I always think the worst, but then yesterday . . . there are groups I belong to where writers of erotica hang out.  And one of the, the editor of an erotica press, posts a notice:  hey, we’re looking for flash fiction, submit!  (No, not that sort of submit; not all erotica is BDSM.)  They said they were looking for stories up to 9,999 words, so I do a word count on my story and . . . it’s 9,948 words, which is 9,950 when you round, which means I nail it, yes!!!

Talking writing, talking characters, talking about plots and ideas–it’s a great time for it all.  It seemed like when I’m turning here and there, I’m finding idea.  Yeah, I have another erotic story with a supernatural bend to it, and I’ll probably crank that out, maybe when I’m not working on NaNo.  It’ll be strange, it’ll be kinky–hey, any story that starts out with a naked woman and her sex toy has no where to go but someplace different.  And I’m the guy to take it there.

But it’s all there, all feeling great.

These are the dreams I have that I am trying to make true.  They are coming, slowly, but they are coming.

Yet these is one more dream to come.

And I think it’ll be here soon.

It’s one of a more personal nature–so personal I can’t talk about it, not yet.  I know it’ll be one of those life affirming moments, so that when it happens–as Captain Jack might say–everything changes.  As one friend told me, “I want you to have (this dream), and when it’s over I want you to be happy.”

Happy is something I haven’t had in a while.  I’m starting to feel it, though.  I know it’s just outside my door, and it’s ready to knock, and when it does I’m letting that sucker in.

We should all get our dreams, and they should make us happy.  I know I will have that dream, and I’ll be happy.

It’s about damn time.

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