It’s One More, It’s . . . Twelve

Oi, what a day.  Write, write, write.  That’s about all I did today.  Not that I’m complaining, but anyone who says writers don’t work needs a good hard slap to the groin with a metal studded sap.

If you are writing, and you’re writing well, you are working your butt off.  If you say we aren’t, then I gotta say, “What you doin’ that’s creative, punk?  And, no:  surfing for porn doesn’t count.”

Last night when I went off to bed my NaNo Novel was sitting at just a tick over 7600 words.  It had been a hard day yesterday, but today–as I blogged about earlier in the day–I seemed to have a renewed vigor.  I thought things out; I “talked out” scenes between characters.  And I wrote.

My intention was to get to 10,000 words and be happy.  Well, I did, but it happened in the middle of a long run where I was really getting into this chapter.  And when I was finished with that I checked my work count and, hey: I was sitting right around 10,500 words.

Now, the way my mind works, it wasn’t so much I was 500 words over my goal, but I was 500 away from 11,000 words.  I just having to jump off that cliff and go “one more”, I got into Scrivener–which I am using to do my whole novel–set my eyes on 11,000.

And this new chapter . . . it was flowing.  It’s the part where the main characters realize something’s not right, and there are big reveals everywhere.  The conversation was going back and forth at a tremendous rate–

And when I finally decided to call it a night, I checked my word count . . . and I’d top 12,000 words, with almost a couple of hundred thrown in for good measure.  It’s what I’d call not only jumping off the cliff: it was pretty much like hopping in a Bugatti Veyron, getting it up to 200 mph, and going all Thelma and Louise on the sucker.

It was a great feeling.

Of course, with 15,000 in sight, I gotta go for that.  Not only that, but I have only the current chapter I’m working on and two more, and I’m done with Part One of the novel.  (I know this because I have my novel set up into three different parts.  Yeah, I did some prep work before I began.)  Part Two is where things start to pull together before it all goes to hell in Part Three, and I should make for some interesting character development.  The only thing I might have a problem with is that I have to figure out how to adjust the current reveal with what I was going to do, but as I’m writing this just now . . . yeah, I know what to do.

I’m really good that way.

I’m having a lot of fun with NaNoWriMo, but right now it’s not my goal to get to 50,000 words: that I know I’ll do.  It’s to finish this novel and get to editing the beast, then get it published.  Because I have it on good authority that what I’ve got is a real winner.

And the person who told me that . . . lets just say I trust them.


Sitting on the Ten

This morning’s NaNo writing has been a dream.  For some reason I blew through the issues I was having yesterday and just got into it–

Well, now, “got into it” sounds a bit simplistic.  It really started with getting up at 5 AM today.  Laying in bed, I knew how I wanted to finish up my third scene and where I wanted to go with my forth scene.  I do this sometimes; getting my mind in the right place so when the words come flying out of my mind and onto the screen, they come out like I want them to come out.

So it was back into the forth scene and done.  Which meant it was time to do the forth . . . but there was something I needed.

See, the forth scene gives you a look into “the bad guys”, and I wanted their introduction to be a good one–and something you wouldn’t expect based upon what happened in the second scene.  (Am I being mysterious about all the things going on in my story?  Sure am.  Guess you’ll have to buy this sucker when I’m done so you know how it goes.)  I wanted to get into my character’s heads here, and see where the two main baddies are.

So I started talkin’ out the scene.

I do this a lot.  I’ll go walk around the house and actually speak what I want them to say, and say it out loud.  I’ll even try to throw in an accent or two just to get the feeling of the character down even more.  So I talked it out, got the feel for the scene . . . then rolled out 700 words in 30 minutes.

Ah, make me feel great.

So, a short break here to tell everyone who might be interest, then back into the beast.  I’ve got a word count–as of this moment– of 9344 with 1700 words completed this morning, and I’ll have another 1500 or so behind me before I call it a night, so the possibility of putting my final count down at 11,000 at night’s falling is a very definite plausibility.

Wining this sucker seems within reach; it’s amazing how much you can do when you have a goal.

But this is a lot more than about “winning”.  Oh yeah . . . a lot more.