Number 17, Checking In

Ah, here we are, the calm before the storm.

I was up early to take my daughter to her martial arts class, and what did I do with that time?  Knock off 1138 words on my NaNo Novel.  And other than the stiffness in my knees–something that comes with age–I had a great time.  Blew up people and gargoyles, and now I’m bringing the pain from another point of view–

Yeah, it’s gonna be a blood book.

Right now I sitting right under 17,000 words (seriously, if I had just written 60 more words I’d have busted it), and I’m pushing onto to 18 for sure, 19 maybe, and . . . could I hit 20,000 tonight?  It’s possible.  It’s really possible.

But we’ll see.  Again, I’m not sprinting.  This isn’t a short track beat-’em-to-hell race, this is the 24 Hours of Spa, and I’m in it to win.

Oh, and just to peak your interest . . . I’m gonna rant on something later.  Why?  Because something pissed me off yesterday and I gotta vent.

And I ain’t had a good venting in a while.

So stay tuned.