23 Skidoo

Today . . . I’m amazed I made it though the writing.

It was suppose to be easy: just finish one chapter and start another.  Just a matter of getting my characters out of a bad spot and then describing what the city of Chicago looked like from the perspective of the main character–

And in the process of getting the original name of Navy Pier I ended up finding something known as the Burnham Plan, aka the Plan of Chicago, and before you know it I was trying to redo the image in my head around a view of what the City of Chicago might have looked like given the chance.

And it drove me crazy!

Between Time Lag (which is what you get when your body thinks it’s 4 PM, but it’s really 3) and having a head that didn’t seen to want to stop spinning, I was following shiny things like a demented magpie.

But, I got my Chapter 7 done, and my Part One finished, and I’ve started Part Two.

And, though I might be disappointed that this is my lowest daily count for the first 6 days, I still managed 3034 words, with a final word count of 23091.

Yeah, I’m nit-picking about low word count–which is really isn’t–but that’s mean.  The good thing is tomorrow I’ll hit 25,000, and beyond, and I’ll be half way to “winning” NaNo.  As for the end of the novel?  Maybe it’s gonna run 65,000 words, maybe 70,000; I don’t know.  We will see.

Meanwhile I have to do a blog post on why Week Two isn’t the time to stop writing, and I have Part Two of my rave out to writing.

Oi!  How did I ever decide I wanted to be a writer?

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