Is The Glass Half Full, Or Do I Need to Fill It Higher?

Oh, what a difference today makes.

I got the jet lag outta my system; I got my head to stop spinning; I’m not trying to describe steampunkish cities based upon a picture I happened to find.

No, this time I’m dealing with people who are a lot different, physically and mentally and, given the world, pretty much have completely different powers and abilities.

And now all four of my main characters are on the stage.  The fun is really starting, though I see Part Two as being the point where everyone is looking for what they need to do, why they need to do it, and what they need to do to move on to Part Three and get the job done.

By the way, Part Three:  yeah, it’s gonna be nasty.  Or so I hope.

So, The Little NaNo Novel That Could just broke 25,000 words.  As far as NaNo is concerned, after 7 days I’m half done; the glass is half full.  However, by my calculations, my novel will likely run 70,000 words.  Or a little more.  Maybe more than a little more.  That’s how writing goes, you know.  You think you’re going to finish in 5,000 words and BAM! the sucker hits you for another 12,000.

You know what?  Whatever the word count, that’s what it takes.  That’s how many are needed to finish it.

One thing I do know:

I will finish it this month.  ‘Cause that’s what you do with a NaNo Novel.