Number 9, Number 9

First off, a bit of geekdom: it’s what would have been Carl Sagan’s birthday, and though I’ve spent many a year reading science fiction, and doing my bit with science (which wasn’t much, considering I went to some shithole of a school that couldn’t even afford a football team), but it wasn’t until I watched Cosmos in the mid-1970’s that I really got into the idea of science, the concept that we really need it, because without science we have nothing, we are doomed to be just another bunch of stupid animals wandering about in the darkness of ignorance.

And this is why whenever I see some ignorant douchebag like, say, just about everyone of the numbskulls trying to locked down the GOP nomination for 2012, say something along the lines of, “Evolution is just a theory,” I want to beat them with a metal-studded leather belt (corset and boots not included).  Stop pandering to the mos ignarus, learn a little real science, and get with the real world.  And if you can’t, you aren’t allowed to say anything that people consider important ever again!

Rock on, Carl.  There are billions and billions of us who still look to the stars because of you.

Oh, Holy Cthulhu, it’s Day 9 of NaNoWriMo, and you sense heads are on the verge of exploding.  Today we are suppose to be at the 15,000 word mark.  Some are, some are ahead.  It seems like a lot aren’t.  I see a lot of people on Facebook going, “I need to run up my word count!  Let’s sprint!”  Yeah.  How’s that working for you?  Spending more time on Facebook than writing?  Thought that might be the case.

Today I was a bit lazy.  I went past 30,000 last night, and there was the, “Eh, do I have to write?” feeling today.  But I spend the morning thinking about what I had to write, what I wanted to say.  I got into the characters and “talked it out”.  And then I did my own sprint.

Here’s what I do: I go on YouTube and find a group of song videos.  I load them up.  I bring up another document in Scrivener (meaning I split my screen, with the chapter on top and my word counts below) and start adding up the time on the videos.

The I kicked off the first one and write.  When that’s over, I start the second and write.  Then the third . . . and so on.  When I’m done I figure out how many words I wrote in that period, calculate what that works out to in an hour’s time, then I figure out how many words I now have in both the chapter and the story.

Then I take a break and wait until I’m ready again.

Today I’ve done 2350.  Not bad, really.  I did that in two sprints that, when I add them up, end up being about 70 minutes.  You can do that math.

I’ll do another sprint later and probably push that word count over 3000, and in the process shoot for a total word count of 34,000.  I’m almost at the “real” mid-point of my novel, as I know it’s going to run about 70-75k.  But as far as NaNo is concerned . . . I’m there.  16,000 and change and I’m at my 50k.

Keep going, folks.  Remember, if you stop you kill your dreams . . . and we die enough in a lifetime, so why make it one more?