It’s One More . . .

Oh, please!  Tell me you didn’t actually believe I was gonna say, “It’s 11!”  Tell me you actually thought I wasn’t going there?

You’re lucky I didn’t title this post “Lick My Love Pump”.


I didn’t think I was going to have a good day yesterday; I was wrong.  Despite the slog I still managed 3100 words.  This morning, with my fingers numb from the chill in my library I did another 712 words, closed out Chapter 12, and brought my NaNo Novel to 38,226 total word.

All and all, not bad.

The stats page tells me I have 11,774 words remaining before I’m done.  Like the succubus in my story, it lies.  Oh, it’s lying to me like an ex-wife.  Really, if I check my word counts and figure out how many chapters I’ve done and how many I have left, I estimate I have 34,000 words to write before slapping in that “The End”.  And even that’s a lie, because I know the novel is finished when it’s finished, and that mean however many words it takes to get there is how many words it will take.  Chapter 15 is gonna have a bit of a throwdown, and that’s going to take time to write, so word counts go up, then later they may go down . . ..

Who knows?  I don’t.  I figure 70 to 75 thousand words is gonna see this sucker through, and that’s what I’m aiming for.

But as I told someone this morning, “Writing is easy; having this make any sense is the hard part.”  I’m already self editing; I’m trying not to run on just to run words, because I’m not about running words.  I can talk tones of shit when given the chances, but a lot of it will only make your head hurt.  Write it, have it made sense, have it be enjoyable.

That’s the goal, people.

Oh, and I got the rants out of my system–for now.  Add up the 1400 words I did for a post yesterday, and the 1500 or so I did the day before on another blog . . . yeah, I almost look like a real writer.

Ain’t it grand?