Lazin’ on Saturday

Yeah, it’s one of those days.  I’m up at 4 AM, laying in bed with a song in my head that won’t go away, a desire in my belly that I can’t quench . . . and ideas about what to do with my novel.  Yeah, 12 days in and I’m hip deep in the novel.

But today . . . I’m being lazy.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t write a lot.  Oh, hell, no.  2160 down for the day, and I’m likely to do another 500 or so before I head out into the dark tonight.

But there is the feeling . . . I know the characters, I know what I want.  And I want to do it.  But I feel like today . . . I just need to kick back.

I read an interview with William Gibson last week, and he talked about his writing process.  He mentioned that, when starting a novel he always has a first line that he almost never changes.  That the point from which is novel goes.  But mentioned something else: he said he’d sit down to write and after a bit, if he felt like nothing was coming, that was it: he was off to do something else.

If you don’t have it, then you can’t write it.

I’ve done great stuff: almost 43,000 words as of this moment, and 1400 of that was cranked off starting 7:30 this morning while sitting cross-legged on the floor of my local YMCA as my daughter took her martial arts class.  I’ve been doing 3,000 words a day, or a little more, the last week, and now I’m looking at what I have and I’m thinking, “Do I want to force this?”

No, I don’t.

And the funny thing is, I’ll do a few hundred here and there, sometimes for hours on end.  I can do that; I’m very good at just writing, because I guess I know what’s coming–so it doesn’t matter how it comes out, it just will.

Monday, the 14th, looks to be the day I cross 50,000.  And that will happen, since I have about 7,000 words to go.  But the real deadline for me is the 23rd.  That’s about the time I’ll hit the end of the novel.  If I keep at it, that is.  If I keep putting out the words.  If I keep sitting down and make the story become a reality.

But there is no if: it’s more a will.  Because I will do this.  I will make it happen.

Hey, I’m a writer.  This is what I do.