4000 and Counting Down

Yesterday I was a mess, mostly the result of being too isolated and having very little energy.  I started out the day strong, but after doing my shopping I never seemed to recover.

Yes, I did 2500 words, but it felt like a struggle the whole time.  Live is like that, and so is writing.  If words could flow out of our buttholes like so many flying monkeys, we’d all be Stephen Frackin’ King.  But that’s not the case, and some times you gotta deal with it.

So I got out last night, visited a friend.  We talked some; in part about writing, in part about movies, in part about gaming.  It was a great time.  And on the way home I did something I haven’t done in a long time:

I listened to music while driving.

This was about 1 AM, driving the back roads of Indiana, on a windy night with the full moon jumping in and out of clouds.  I had New Adventures in Hi-Fi in the CD player.  And while I listened to move of the disk, the one song I kept jumping to was Electolite, which put me at ease and made me think of someone special . . ..

And then I awake today, get on the computer . . . and I start writing.

Not much of a struggle, but I wanted to get it right when I wrote.  I had missing gargoyles to account for, and I did.  I did it very well.

So, Chapter 14 down, 2600 words in the count kitty, and 4100 more to go before I hit 50,000.  More than likely I’ll do another 1000 before I go to bed, probably end up hovering right around 3000 worlds.  And that be the case, I hit my 50k tomorrow.  And it doing so, I’ll likely finish Chapter 15 and Part Two, and head into the home stretch of what could be another 25,000 words and the end of the novel.

I could say it’s really been fun . . . and in a way it has.  It’s also reminded me that this stuff is hard–and it’s reinforced the notion that if I hadn’t done my research before getting into this sucker, I’d likely be looking for a sword to fall on right about now.

4000 and counting down.

Tomorrow I will see where the story takes me–even though I already know.