And the Winner Is . . ..

I would say, “I want to thank the Academy,” but what they hell have they ever done for writers?

I knew it was coming today.  I went to bed with it in mind; I woke up with it in mind; and I sat down and started writing at 7:30 AM with the objective in mind.

2982 words later, I am there: my story has, as of this posting, 50,043 words.

I have won NaNoWriMo.

Of course I’m feeling a little like Lucius Flavius Silva Nonius Bassus right now, and I’m wondering just what the hell I’ve won–though it’s safe to say it’s a lot more than a rock in the middle of a wasteland, on the shores of a poisoned sea.  I’ve won the 50,000 words challenge, but so what?  My novel is not complete.  I’ve probably another 2,000 words to go in Chapter 15, which finishes my novel’s Part Two, and more to do after that.

So what remains?  That’s easy.  I go into Scrivener, bring up my Project Targets, and reset my Manuscript Total to 70,000 words.  Give me a second . . . there, done.  See how easy that was?

Because the real win is there.  It’s when I dig into Part Three and have my main character Jeannette begin kicking major ass.  It’s when I get right down to the final confrontation.  It’s gonna come somewhere around the 75,000 word mark, when Jeannette has the final word and I hit the Enter key a couple of times and type “The End”.

Yeah . . . that’s when I really win.  You keep the rock in the wasteland; I’m going for the glory that was once Rome.

So, what’s a writer to do?  I do 3,000 words a day like I’ve been doing.  I write about my struggle here (and, believe it or not, I am struggling, because there’s something missing right now that I need badly), and I shoot for 23rd November to finish this thing.

And then I kick back and enjoy a day off before I get to the editing.

Winning?  I haven’t yet begun.

But it’s going to happen, mate.  It’s gonna happen.