Day Tripping the Morning After

Oh, today is today . . . what a strange time for me to be in.

It’s funny how this writing thing goes.  Sunday I was in the dumps; yesterday I was like gawd; today, my mind is all over the place.  Almost 1200 words throughout the morning, but that spark of inspiration I felt yesterday . . . oh, boy, as Sam Becket used to say.

Part of it may be the mind set.  There was the rush to get to 50k, and now that I’m there it doesn’t seem like as much of a run to get it done.  Of course that’s a falsehood if there ever was one; you should keep writing, always.

But maybe I shouldn’t feel as if I need to do so much at this stage.

When I did my first story, I was doing about 1000 words a day.  My second story I averaged perhaps 600 a day.  My novel I’ve been averaging 3500 words a day, and though it’s not as insane as some of the NaNos who have ripped through 70 thousand words in 12 days–and are looking to do more–it’s a lot.

And when you add in that I’m (shuuush!  Don’t tell them!) editing as I go along, I feel my output is pretty good.

But deep down I want to do another 3000 words for the day.  I want to do some 500 more this after noon, then maybe 600 or 700 while I’m at my daughter’s class, and then try to knock off 1000 before I go to bed.  And with that schedule I could do it–

Or maybe I should just say the hell with it and find something else to do.

Maybe part of the problem is I feel like I can’t concentrate most of the time.  I’m up at like 4:30 AM and getting to bed at 11:30 and it’s beginning to drive me crazy.  It used to be when I’d wake up I was ready to write like a crazed ferret.  Today, I wake up and I’m lazy and unfocused.

Or maybe I’m depressed.  Or maybe I’m in love.  Or maybe both.  Who the hell knows?

Maybe I should just stop bitching and turn that energy into creativity.

If only my head would stop spinning.