Where The Writing Takes Me

After burning through a chapter from start to finish yesterday, I approached today with a little different attitude–and something bugging the hell out of me.

When I wrote my novella in September I was doing it in 1000 to 1300 word blocks each day, and then I was done save for a session with Trusty Editortm in the afternoon.  That also worked well for the erotic story I wrote in October.

But I’m into a novel here, and one that I want to finish by the 23rd if possible.  So I’m doing 3000, 3500, 4000 words a day, every day . . . and that’s not something I’ve gotten into the habit of doing in a long time.

And, yes, I’ve got the NaNo thing “won”, but hey: I want more.  I lot more.  “Winning” NaNo by doing 50k is a little bit like “Winning” as Charlie Sheen, only without the drugs and hookers.  Winning for me is getting the novel done, getting it edited, and getting it published.  Every thing else is . . . not acceptable.

But while writing my Chapter 16 I realized that something was off in my novel.  I have made no secret that I plotted out the novel ahead of NaNoWriMo, and through the first two parts everything went great; the plot worked.  Then I get into Part Three and something felt . . . off.  I was suppose to be planing for battle and I was still clearing assholes out my main character’s castle, and it bugged me.

There is a nice thing about Scrivener, which I’m using to write the novel: if you need to add a chapter, you just add it.

And I did.

And suddenly, seeing it laid out on the cork board that way, suddenly the flow became right.

Yeah, that’s what I needed; to see it right.

So now I’m giving myself a little “Me Time” in the morning, then spending the afternoon and evening doing 500 words here and there.  And once you do that 4, 5, 6 times, before you know it you have 3000 words and you can call it a night.

I’m going to break 60k today, and 70k maybe Sunday . . . you know, when you see how you should do thing, it makes the whole job of being creative a lot easier.

Save for making your character scream and beg for their lives.

But what writer doesn’t like doing that?