Revise Like You Own It

The First Rule Of NaNo Novels Club is you are not suppose to edit.  And that say, you know what the Second Rule is, too, don’t you?

Almost 62,000 words in, and yesterday I just had to add another chapter.  Why is that?  Because the novel, which is in its third part and closing in on the end, didn’t seem right.  Yes, I know: right isn’t suppose to matter.  You are suppose to write, damnit, and you don’t look back.  That might be well and good for you, dear sir and/or madam, but for me–naw, can’t do it.

It really was driving me crazy.  I finished Chapter 16 and looked at the layout I had, and the warning lights in my brain (or maybe they were warning wards, since this novel is heavy with crazy magic) were telling me “Dude, this is totally wrong.  You gotta fix it.”

So the chapter I wrote yesterday wasn’t the Chapter 17 I was suppose to write; no, it was the new Chapter 17 I needed to create.  And what do I care if NaNo says I’m not suppose to do that?  I’ve got my 50k under my belt, now it’s all about getting a first draft that’s going to rock.

And speaking of rocking–and editing–I had Scrivener create a Word doc of the first two parts just so I could look for things that I might have missed.  Holy Smokies, I had like 7 instances of “doubling up”, like saying “as as” or “that that”.  And more than a couple of instances of misspelling someone’s name, but hey, that was bound to happen.  And a few bad words here and there, but again . . . 53k worth of writing, and to be honest I expected worst.

That’s what comes from editing.

The biggest surprise was the percentage of passive sentences.  I worried it was going to be high, giving I’m zipping around like a wombat on meth, but the total passiveness: 2 percent.  And I can live with that.

So, with things back to the way they should be, I have to write this afternoon.  ‘Cause, for some reason, these chapters never seem to write themselves . . ..