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Leaf; Wind; Death

In a week’s time I’ve not only busted through the 50k mark (did that last Monday), but I’ve passed 65k.  It’s been a little slow going, but I’m there, digging in, doing the things I need to do, and, to be honest, learning along the way.

I’ve slowed down considerably–well, not considerably, but this last week I’ve had a couple of days where my production was total crap.  Right now I’ve done 2266 words for the day, but I have the end of Chapter 18 in sight.  Probably another 1000 words and I’m there.  Or maybe lest, in which case I’ll jump onto Chapter 19 and start cracking that out.

The crazy thing is, 20 follows 19, and there’s something I’ve said in Chapter 18, just one little thing . . . and it makes me wonder what I’m really going to say in Chapter 19.  Oh, I know what I’m going to do, but there is a thing that needs to be done . . . yeah, yeah.  I’m editing again!  Not suppose to, but I do.  I can’t help myself.

And if I don’t, then I get people after me who put me right.  And I don’t want to upset those people, ’cause when they get upset it’s a little like having Bruce Banner go nutty on you.  Not pretty.

I’ve actually let Trusty Editortm look at the first two parts of the novel.  And . . . she had some qualms about the first chapter being a little too inside, too steeped in Geek Culture for a casual reader to maybe get.  And, yes: this is something I’ve heard before for others, in particular a writing instructor who thought my quick 500 word sci fi scene was “hard to understand”.

Yeah . . . my bad.  That can be an issue some times.  Once in a while you gotta let it roll and say, “The hell with it,” and tell people to hang on, but the parts that were brought to my attention–hum . . . I probably can do something to make it more simplified.  In fact, writing this, I know how to do it.  Jeez, ain’t I a cockeyed wonder?

Actually, it falls back to something Trusty Editortm said: when I indicated that trying to make those parts “sound normal”, I was told, “That’s what a writer does!”  Tough crowd, Rodney.  At least Marissa didn’t get a chance to comment–though she’d get the Corporal Hudson reference.

But there’s something else Trusty Editortm said and it makes me want to sit back and say, “I’m listening”.  They were looking over the manuscript and said, “Do you want this to be the best?”

Talk about loaded questions.  So I say to Trusty Editortm:  no, I don’t want it to be the best.

I want it to be better than that.

Now if you’ll excuse me: I’ve got Pan Benatar cued up and there’s a couple of wizards to kill.

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