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What Do You Mean I Own You An Article?

Yesterday (more of that yesterday stuff, I know) was one of my better NaNo Days.  I ended up pouring through 1100 words before going to bed, knocked out 4600 words for the day, and finally passed 68k total.

I also realized something else this morning: since last August and through September, when I started getting serious about writing again, I’ve written two stories–one self published which I won’t blog whore because I’m that kind of guy, but that I totally did anyway; an another which was submitted and is awaiting acceptance/rejection–that totaled 34,000 words, and with my day of kick-ass writing yesterday I’m into the 100k territory.

And that doesn’t count what I do here on my blog, which is often 500 to 1000 words a day.  Tally up all that over the last 90 days, and we’re talking another 50k in wordage easily.

But what of the guest blogging, Dude?  You’re leaving that out as well.

Let me explain.  During this same time frame I’ve written 4 guest posts for other sites.  Two of them ended up at Sci Fi Ideas, one was a guest post at  Jennifer the Writer’s blog, which I did as a “get in there and Write!” pep talk, and the forth . . . is something I did for Naughty Nights Press on introducing BDSM into a relationship with a significant other (and I do warn that you will see much nakedness if you click on that link).

Each one of those posts ended up being about 1500 to 2000 words, and they came while I was working on my stories.

Why am I mentioning this?  Because I remember–well, not actually remember, but I’m reminded–that I promised the Sci Fi Ideas guy that I would do an article for his site about weapons in science fiction, so that anyone interesting in writing science fiction might have an idea about the sort of items they can use to make people die in quick and not-so-quick ways.

The thing that some people might ask–just as I was asked after I posted one of my blog posts–is why would I do this?  I’m in the middle of burning through a novel that, by my own estimations, will need another 15,000 to 20,000 words to complete.  So now, while I’m trying to dole out 3500 words a day to that project, I’m going to sit down and crank out another 1500 or so words for an article on ray guns?


Because if you are serious about being a writer, then that’s what you do: you write.  You do stories, you do guest posts, you write about stuff that interests you and maybe interests others.  Why not?  One of the things a writer does is get their ideas out there for people to see, and when you’re writing about subjects like ghosts and politics and sci fi weapons, you’re putting yourself on display.

So when do I find time to do this?  I’ll likely start sometime today and keep doing a little here and there and finish this week.  While I am trying putting out 3000 words a day on my NaNo Novel.  Don’t worry about me getting it done–

I’m a writer, man.  This is what I do.

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