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The Final Four

It’s an amazing feeling when you get towards the end of an ordeal and you breathe a sigh of relief, because you it’s all going to be over soon, that all you need to do is dot a few “i”s and cross a “t” or two, and you’re home free.

I’ve started to feel that way with this NaNo Novel.  Saturday and Sunday I cranked out 8000 words and I feel like I’ve run a tremendous race and sprinted across the line victorious.  Friday was a rough day for me, one that set my word production back by about 2000 words.

Then Saturday and Sunday I just sucked it up and did it.  I finished one chapter and completely wrote two others, and now–if my outline isn’t lying to me–I’ve four chapters remaining, one of which, the 24th, will have “The End” typed in as the final words.

I’m still looking at this being about 85,000 words now, but the next two chapters could bring that total down just a bit.  My last chapter was 2247 words, and that’s down about 2000 words from some of by other chapters.  When I start crunching those numbers, it’s still gonna be about 80,000 words and change, but not below that.  Not at all.

Strange to believe that an idea I came up with last October would end up where it is today.  I had an image for a character, and truth be told she isn’t anything like I first imagined her.  Geeky, yes, but at one point in my original interpretation she sort of lost her shit and was almost killed because of said breakdown.  In this setting she’s more of a spunky girl, geeky and shunned, but because of her immersion into her culture she’s not looking at it with a complete “Game over, Man!” attitude and wanting to die; it’s more of a “I know this, I read something similar in–” feeling that, while she’s finding things that don’t always make sense, she able to role with the deal presented.

I think to think of her as my Cirocco Jones, and that, for me, is high praise indeed.  Now all she needs is her Gaby Plauget . . . oh, wait–I got that covered, too.  (And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can look here.)

I have this feeling that some people are looking at the pile of electronic scribbling that is their NaNo Novel and they’re thinking, “Damn, how’m I gonna make this mess make sense?”  Right now I’m actually doing a little editing where I know the novel needs it.  I’ve already changed one minor character’s name, and I’m clearing up a few things here and there.

When the real editing comes along it’s going to be smooth; it’s gonna be good.

And that’s when the real work starts.  ‘Cause anyone can write; it’s the rewrites that really make the story.

Let’s hope I like rewriting.

2 thoughts on “The Final Four

  1. (giggling @ “lost her shit”…so close to doing that myself it’s ridiculous.) Great blog as usual :-). I’ll be happy to break 50K – I’m amazed at folks who write so much more than that. Makes me think I don’t know how to tell a good story. Oh well, no need in comparing myself to anyone else. I do what I do and I’m damn good at it. So, will you be sharing this year’s NaNo masterpiece?

    • My intention is to publish this beast when I’m through. Don’t know how easy that will be, but I’m going to give it a shot.

      What freaks me out are the people who say they’ve gone 100k+ by now. One person I saw indicated they’ve already written 160k. I truly can’t see how they do that. That is just Herculean.

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