The Turkey Sleeps Tonight

No turkey at my house; we go with a duck.  There are many reasons for this, but it doesn’t matter: a brave duck has given its life so I can cook its carcass on my grill and enjoy it later.

How goes the writing, you say?  Why, it’s going very well.  Last night saw the conclusion of the penultimate chapter, and it took most of the day to write in part because I had to look at a picture and some maps and get a feeling for what I needed to describe  and in part because there was suppose to be a confrontation between two of my characters that would resolve their conflict.

When I started thinking about that conflict, I started getting worried.  See, up to that point I had imagined a throw down that was going to kick ass and take names in a big way, but the more I looked at what was suppose to happen, and thought more about what should happen, the more I started to edit down the big conflict.

And edit it down I did.  You can blame what happened in part on my research into science fiction weapons, which I was doing for an article I want to write.  In a world where your spacecraft have the ability to vaporize just about anything with the devices at your disposal, combat is going to be short and sweet, and victory will usually go to the person who hits first.

So I was faced with the same situation in my novel: when you have powerful witches who can smoke someone’s ass with a single shot, and the only thing that’s going to save you is your powered-up enchanted armor, then the first to hit is probably going to start the winning.  Which means unless the combatants are on an equal footing–or have tons of backup–a battle will likely be pretty short.

That’s what happened; it was a very short, quick, and nasty battle, with much ownage in the end.  And that means, if I finished the penultimate chapter, there must be only one more chapter to write . . ..

I will likely do a little of that today.  Maybe today I’ll take a break from my novel and work on the article.  I have particular reasons for wanting to finish my novel tomorrow, and that’s what I’m going to do.

Not that I won’t do a little writing today.  But with the end almost here . . . why not drag it out just a little?

After all, no one wants the end to come too quickly, do they?