Busy Being

When you are in pain it’s amazing how much you can do when you put your mind to it.

Yesterday I started putting my first novel, known as Transporting, into Scrivener.  I had set up the different novel parts, so I began building chapters as separate folders within those parts, and inside each chapter I broke it down into different scenes.

I thought, “Oh, this is going to just be a little here and there,” because I have a lot of stuff to copy from Word to Scrivener.  I also thought I wouldn’t do a lot because in the early morning, about 10 AM, my back began screaming like crazy, feeling like something jammed a knife in my back and began twisting the blade.  I mean, we’re talking tremendously huge pain.  There were times when I almost couldn’t stand, or was even comfortable sitting.

So I kept thinking, “I’ll stop this soon”.

And I did; this morning.

The first two parts are put in place, named and given a time line.  24 chapters, and . . . 181,700 words.  So far.  Like I said, I’m a wordy person.

The thing I’m finding, when I read all the things I’ve written over the last 20 years–and trust me, this novel has developed over that time–is how good some of it is.  Maybe I’m able to view it in the light of having written more these days, and my eye is so much better for it now.  There was a time when I felt a bit ashamed about what I’ve written here, but after looking this over while I put it into these Scrivener documents–no, not any more.  I love it.

And I can’t wait to finish it.

Of course, I need to do the edit on my NaNo Novel first, but once that’s done and I’m searching for a home for that story, it’s back to this monster that, suddenly, doesn’t seem as hard as it once was.  Probably because I now have a lot more confidence than I once possessed.

For sure, though: I can look at this work and say, “Oh, yeah.  I see the end.”

It’s gonna be a good project for the first of the year.