Retrofit is Go!

Wow.  When you put your mind to something it’s easy to get it done.

With no editing ongoing with my NaNo Novel I decided to get a grip on my original novel and plug it into Scrivener.  I thought this would take some time, breaking out all the chapters and scenes . . ..

However, I didn’t expect to be up at 5 AM today.  I didn’t expect to wake with ideas in my head.  I didn’t expect to have a friend on my mind, very close to my mind.

So I was up and rushing through, getting the last few chapters down, and about6 8:30 AM my time . . . done!  Put a fork in that sucker.

I said it was going to be a big book, and it is: 251,000 words in an uncompleted form.  For a little perspective, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was 257,045 words, so my unfinished work is almost as big as the biggest Potter novel.

And when putting the last chapter in I discovered–I didn’t finish the chapter!  I just stopped with maybe a thousand words to go, leaving it at a point where something very good was about to happen.  So, first thing, when I get to where I’m ready to write again, I gotta fix that.

Oh, and there’s so many little things that bother me . . . like “said (name here)” instead of “(name here) said” and so forth.  I can fix that easy, but looking at this thing I know it’s going to take a enormous effort to edit this down.  I’m thinking when it come time to start working on this, I’ll start from the beginning and edit everything there–because, to be honest, what I’ve seen is very good and, believe it or not, tight–and then, when it’s all edited, finish the story.

As I might have said at one time I was a bit . . . I guess “embarrassed” is the right word, about this novel.  But as I’ve put this into place, the more I read it, the more I love what I’ve done.  I shouldn’t brag–okay, screw it, I will.  It’s great; I love it very much.

And all that remains is to finish it so others can love it as well.

You know, this turned out to be a good week after all.