Better New Day

Sunday and Monday aren’t usually great days.  Never.  Most of the time it’s sit around on Sunday waiting for Monday to get here, and on Monday you bemoan that you’re starting out the week once more.

But I have to say the 4th and 5th of December have been sort of productive for me.

Yesterday was a bit of a gray slog, but I sat down with my first WiP novel, looked at it sitting in Scrivener, and said, “I need to plot out the rest.”  So I started.  I played with my memory and tried to remember things about a story that I hadn’t thought about in at least 5 years . . . and there it was.

And once I had it in mind I started setting up my cards and my scenes . . . and after a few hours the story was, more or less, in the “To Do” done section.  When it was all said and done I added two more parts–I knew there would be at least one–and nine more chapters.

It was a good feeling to know that I know the end is there.  I know sort of what needs to be written, and it only going to take my doing it to make it happen.

Which brings us to today, and my road trip–

I needed to visit Indianapolis today, which is about a 2 hours and 40 minutes trip.  So while driving there I started thinking out things I needed to know for my first novel, and there was a bit there with a couple of scenes where I need to get some reasoning down–it had to make sense why I was going to write what I planed to write, and once had time to think it out, it made sense.

Coming back, however . . . my mind wandered over to not just my novels–the NaNo Novel and my old novel, but a story with the characters from my old novel that I’d planed a long time back.  It was a story I hadn’t thought about in a great while, but today, racing back along I-65, with Asu E Tatchidaun blasting out of the stereo–and that was something I hadn’t done in a while, either–and I was reliving scenes that I hadn’t seen in maybe seven years.

I’m exploring areas that I’ve not walked in years.  It’s all coming back to me.  Only this time I want to do more than just walk . . . I want to show the path to everyone.

And after I start editing my NaNo Novel–which starts tomorrow–I’m going there.

It’s what I so want to do.