It Should Be Simple–

After I finished editing Chapter 1 of the NaNo Novel yesterday, I was sitting here at the computer going, “You know, what should I do next?”  Well, now: that’s a bit of a loaded question, ’cause the first thing that comes to mind is, “I’ll write–something.”

The truth is I had two things in the pipeline (yes, really: I’m developing a pipeline).  I had an interview on Sunday with a writer in Ohio and we discussed a subject that will eventually turn into an article for a site that deal with maters of an erotic nature, so I need to take our note and write up the post.

And, speaking of articles, there was one I had promised for the site Sci Fi Ideas that would deal with missiles and nuclear devices in science fiction.  I thought, “Well, that should be easy to knock out,” and so, last night, I began working on it.  Because, you know, it’s going to be easy to knock out, right?

And 3,000 words later it was finished, but only after looking up different nuclear shots and trying different blast calculations to see what sort of damage a detonation would do to a ship, and . . . yeah, it was more work than I anticipated.  Not that I’m complaining because it’s a really good article, and people will find it a lot of fun.  Or very boring, but I don’t consider those people very compelling, so who cares?

Then it was lunch and before you know it–editing!  Chapter 2 was ready for me to edit, and I got into it.  And I started doing more than editing–I was re-writing parts.  As clean as my NaNo stuff might be, there are parts that are, to put it best, clumsy.  As Trusty Editortm pointed out, that’s to be expected, so no big deal.  You just do it, and I did.  And I finished it, saved it, gave a copy to Trusty Editortm look over later . . ..

But then, hark!  I get a notice from someone I know, another writer who does erotica, and she wants to know if she can do a post on something we’d spoke about a few days prior.  Now, I’m never one to rain on anyone’s parade, so I said, sure, knock yourself out.  Mostly, though, I was surprised that I’d given someone an idea that they decided to put into their own words, but then, I’ve been told by someone that I do inspire people with my words so I shouldn’t be surprised when another person writes about an idea I give them.

But it also got me thinking about something I was working on yesterday.  Since getting back into my first novel, my Eternal WiP, I’ve began thinking about the characters in earnest once more, and it brings up some strange emotions.  And with those strange emotions came an idea for a story–but it wasn’t one that’s been festering for a while.  No.  This time it was like, “Here I am, come and get me!” and in about an hour I had it figured out.  I mean, literally, I knew the story from start to finish.

And if people knew these characters and understood their origin, I could write this story right now, probably finish it in a week or so–because, like Ike and Tina, I don’t do anything nice and easy.  Or short for that matter.

Things should be easy.  But they’re not.  However, the more I do this the easier it becomes.

Just keep at it, I tell myself.

One day you’ll wake up and it’ll be second nature.