Half Past April

I know it’s not April, but you gotta stick with me here . . ..

So far my plan for editing my NaNo Novel is going well.  I’m finding it’s not so much “editing” I’m doing as it is “re-writing”, but then, I knew this would, might, may happen, so no great surprised awaited.  It’s wise not to be frightened into inactivity by some “surprise”, and fortunately I’d gotten my mind around what was needed before I started, so I’m not running around screaming about this mess that’s dragging me into a pit.

But it comes along.  I’m three chapters in, and the writing has tightened up.  That’s about 9,500 words out of the way, and 75,000 or so to go.  When you’re doing a shorter story it goes so quickly, but hey: this is all about an extensive world being built and massaged, and if I can’t do this novel, what am I going to do with almost 275,000 words waiting to be edited/written?  Just give up?  The hell with that.

Which is where April comes in . . ..

I had a dream the other night, and it was one that hadn’t come to me in a while.  No, not that one, perv–it had to do with the role playing character I’ve had for some time now, the one I’ve talked about, young Kerry and his girlfriend Annie.

With the holidays and all these writing projects there hasn’t been much time to play the Kerry/Annie story, and that’s something I miss.  But that is real life, and I’ve run into that situation as a gamer before.  Sometimes you have to walk away for awhile before you can return to the story.  And, sadly, sometime you walk away and never return.  There’s any number of reasons for that, not the least of which is that the other people you’re gaming with lose interest in the game and move on to other things.

I don’t think that will happen here–no, I can see the Kerry/Annie story continuing, though it may be a month or more before we get back there.  There’s too much of a connection there between Annie’s player and Annie, and I feel the same with Kerry, so walking away isn’t much of an option.

But the dream . . . ah, yeah.

There is a point where Kerry and Annie will marry.  That’s a given, and both Annie’s player and I know it happens.  When they are in their 7th Year in their school of magic they’ll be married and sharing an apartment in the attic of their coven tower.  It’ll be an interesting time for them, because they’ve started a new life, but they are leaving behind one that has been a constant for them for over half a decade.  And that puts them in a rather interesting frame of mine the closer they get to graduation–

In my dream it’s near the end of April.  May Day celebrations are not far away, and people are busy on this Sunday, which I’m sure it is.  Kerry and Annie have a lot of free time, so they spend it walking about the school campus, reminiscing about things that happened here and there.  Eventually they end up going along the top of the wall that surrounds the school.

It’s a long, quite walk, holding hands and feeling the change in the weather.  It’s got that “Spring is coming” feel while at the same time it’s sort of like, “Winter hasn’t quite died” as well.  And being this is in central Maine, the winter feel is probably still lingering.

And in time they come to a spot on the north wall where there are heavy forest on both sides, and it’s very quiet, it’s secluded, and they are alone.  And they stand there, holding each other . . . and remember.  All the things that have come before this point flood back to them, and there comes the understanding that the last 6 years of their short lives have been nothing if not filled with drama.

But . . . now there’s the future.  In a month they’ll be out on their own.  Kerry has something he needs to do, as there is training Annie will attend, and it’s very likely once school is over they might not see each other for a month to a month and a half.  But after that–it’s all the future.  It’s all what life is going to bring them.

It’s all a question of not knowing.

I feel like I had this dream because, of late, my life has taken a lot of dramatic turns.  Hell, all of 2011 could be seen as a “dramatic turn”, but the last few months have been, to put it bluntly, crazy.  I’m like Kerry right now; standing there feeling every moment of the past sink into my soul, while at the same time feeling the future bearing down without the foggiest idea of what to expect.  I know it’s going to be a lot different, and it, too, could be crazy . . . but it can also be wonderful.

Like with Kerry and Annie being together, the future will happen.  I just need to relax and let it come.

And like Kerry and Annie, never be afraid.