Altered Beings

Late night last night–but a good one.  It was one of those Saturdays when I get together with friends and sit around BSing about things.  Most of what we BSed about were games (always a good subject) and books (another).  Most of the gaming discussion revolved around MechWarrior, and the various books written within that universe.  (And how the brother of one of the guys who was there last night is a dipshit did something screwy in his Battletech game, but he likes doing things like that because it generally ends up screwing over his players, so nothing new there . . ..)

Generally it was a good time.  I like discussing games and books–oh, and I had to mention that I’d sold a story.  Yeah, tooting my own horn, but why not?  That’s what I have to do, otherwise who’s going to get exciting about you if you don’t spread your own hype?  Just don’t believe your own hype–that gets you in trouble.  Oh, and don’t guinea pig your own shit: a lesson from Miami Vice and Cyberpunk that is still ignored to this day.

It was a lovely, clear night, with a very bright full moon.  I didn’t think much on the drive home: usually I do, but last night I kept my mind on a few things and didn’t work out scenes in my head or come up with other ideas or anything like that.  It wasn’t that the ideas wouldn’t spring out of my imagination, but more like I kept them holed up in some dark recess of my brain while I kept one thing in the forefront of my mind.

Besides, I only had to wait until I feel asleep for the weird stuff to happen.

I’m working on the edit for my NaNo Novel (yay!) and set up my own work in progress novel in Scrivener (yay!) and, as I mentioned yesterday, I’m working on a new short story (Yay!!!).  Strangely enough, most of the characters in those stories are women, and as I mentioned the other day, when I’m writing I tend to come across as a women (I’m going to say “Yay!!!” because, why the hell not?).  So of late I’ve got a lot of females on my mind as well–and one of them is a vampire who can walk around in the daytime and loves bacon, so watch out!

So it’s not out of the question I’m going to have “girl dreams”.  Though these probably aren’t the sort of “girl dreams” you might imagine.  Yours probably involve you being with a hot actress of your choice, rubbing her back while she’s  playing Skyrim wearing nothing but tiger-print underwear and sitting in a tub of lime Jell-O.  Mine involve being the hot actress.

Last night mine were very crazy.  First, I was late for work, so I parked my car near the loading dock of the restaurant where I was a hostess.  I did my job, taking orders, smiling a lot, and generally being really good with people.  I was pretty cute, too: I remember having sort of dark, reddish hair, a lot of freckles, and purple nail polish.  And glasses, I always seem to have glasses.  I zipped around the restaurant in a blue dress and high heels, never once complaining about my feet, and my last order of the night was Bart Simpson (no, really: I told you it was crazy).

Then I go out and find a parking ticket on my car, which pissed me off.  I stop at the mall to do a little shopping, and I have to go to the bathroom–only I’m not allow.  Why?  My head wasn’t covered.  Seriously.  So I throw on a head scarf after which I’m allowed to access.  I do my business, freshen up (which is where I got the best look at my cute self, yay!!!), then head back out to my car where I find another parking ticket.  Bummer.

Then I’m suddenly I’m at home and in front of the computer.  No, I wasn’t playing Skyrim in my boy shorts.  I was writing–actually, I was editing my Nano Novel.  I could tell because I saw the chapter layout on the screen in my dream. With my head still covered up, I began editing–

And then I woke up.

There were a few more things in there as well–for some reason I remember talking to another woman who was riding in my car on the way to the mall, and I was alternating between complaining about the parking ticket and the need to get some leggings, but for the most part it was working, trying to go to the bathroom (which took forever in the dream–“Why can’t I go in?”  “You have to cover.”  “But I need to go!”  “You have to cover, first.”  Oi), and writing.

The funny part was the writing seemed very natural and easy.  And much like I really am when I’m writing–though I’m never in a blue dress and wearing a head scarf and purple nail polish when I write.  Okay, almost never.

I thought the strangest part of the dream was coming home to work on my novel, because I have never dreamed about writing before last night.  However, my new work in progress, Echoes, deals with someone reminiscing about writing, so maybe that’s rubbing off on me and working it’s way into my dreams.

Maybe the next time I’ll see how my edits are working out.

Maybe I’ll have different nail polish, too.