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The Rough Guide to My Alternate Chicago

Well, Part One of my NaNo Novel is edited.  22,000 words put away, fixed, re-written . . . whatever you’d like to call it, it’s done.  It was a bit of a chore, but it taught me that if I want to do this, I gotta keep at it.

Editing is not easy, particularly when the item under the pen is a novel.  The good thing is that the novel was structured nicely; I didn’t have crazy things going off in every direction save the one I wanted, and when you have to edit the story down to something manageable, that helps a great deal.  If this hadn’t been the case, I would probably be running about the house right now screaming about how screwed I am–and that I should never get off the boat, but that goes without saying.

However, there were parts that needed to be re-written, sections that needed words removed because they weren’t needed. Over the course of editing Part One I’ve removed close to 200 words.  Not a lot, I agree, but there was one chapter where I actually added content, and that is likely skewing the word count.

But the stuff that was changed–yeah, in a few sections here and there it made a world of difference.  It made what I was trying to say clearer, easier to roll about in your brain.

So it goes great.  The novel is shaping up into a work that, I feel, is going to be worth publishing when I finish with this edit.

Which isn’t going to happen today.  Editing, that is.

Since all of my time yesterday was spent editing, I neglected doing any new work.  Yes, I have a new story I’m writing.  And, today, I said I would start an article that I need to finish either today or tomorrow, but that I do need to finish.  This is something called “a deadline”, and as a “writer” I don’t want to miss it, else I get all sorts of shit from someone who could make my life hell–also known as “the editor”.

So I have to take time to get these things knocked out and finished, else I’ll have to do penitence for not living up to my obligations.

I am going to do a bit of a blog whore here and direct you to the last article I wrote, a little piece on how missiles and nukes might be used in science fiction.  This is the most current of three articles I’ve written for the same website, and I hope you click the link and give this piece, and my others, a read.  It’s an interesting look into how I write, and you get to see all the great research I did.

It’s something I know you’ll enjoy–trust me.

Would I lie?

2 thoughts on “The Rough Guide to My Alternate Chicago

  1. I edited just over 7,000 words last night of my WIP novel. I think I started at 8.00 pm and finished at 10.30 pm. I just scared myself thinking about how that’s possible.

    I’ve done many re-writes and edits of my novel but I was much more anxious this time as I knew exactly what I had to do, what wasn’t working, what parts and elements sucked. So I’ve been procrastinating so much I haven’t been productive! Once I start — and by that time it’s 8.00-9.00 pm — I need to go to bed in a couple of hours for work early the next day. I think I actually hate my writer-self.

    Once I’m into an edit, I’m like an express train. No worries. Then afterwards, it’s always the same thought: “Why didn’t I quit being scared and start earlier? I could have gotten so much more done!”

    Okay. Wow. What a ramble. Anyway I feel your pain. Push, push, push.

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