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Because and Effect

I’ve been very lucky with my writing the last few months.  There haven’t been very many hardships to keep me from sitting down and getting into my work, very few impediments that might prevent me from getting to the computer and whacking out a story.

Today was the first day I’ve wondered if I’d be able to to anything.  Why?  Let me tell ya–

I ended up crawling off to bed about midnight as is usually my want.  I wasn’t doing a lot, and I should have gotten into bed a little earlier–like just after 11 PM–but one thing or another kept me up.  By the time I did get to bed I still wasn’t all that tired, but I managed to fall asleep pretty easily.

My dreams were . . . nuts again.  They’ve been like that for the last month or so, and I’ve gotten used to it.  However, these were even more bothersome that before, and not only did I seem to have something going on that involved looking up something on Wikipedia about women’s health issues, but I had a new Cranberries song running on continual repeat, and that was really driving me batty.

It was only then that I realized (1) I wasn’t really dreaming, I was more in a half-dream/half-awake state, and (2) I had an incredible amount of pain in my upper abdomen.  This was the sort of pain that I might have said was caused by a gall bladder attack, but since I had mine removed years ago–back when I having horrible attacks every month–I could discount that.

Without going into any detail it was bad.  I was up most of the morning, unable to relax and lay down and try to get a little rest.  I hurt a lot and had a bit of nausea, but never really got sick to my stomach.  Finally, about 5 AM, I caught a little rest–

Only to have to wake up 75 minutes later because I needed to get up to take my daughter to her martial arts class.

So here I am, feeling not in the best of shape, sitting on the floor with my back against the wall, with some Emerson, Lake, and Palmer coming out of YouTube.  As I’ve done the last few days, I worked on my new story, and while things didn’t flow as well as I would have liked, I managed 600 good words.  (599 really, but who’s counting?)  And now I’m taking about it, banging out the blog, and while I wished I didn’t have this pain in my side, wishing I didn’t have to look up “acute pancreatitis” later to see if the pain I experience this morning was anything like those symptoms . . . my work at the keyboard, my work as a storyteller isn’t going too badly.  (Though the debate still rages if I’m really doing well as a storyteller, yuk, yuk.)

I can’t say I’m done with the work in progress; last night I wrote 200 words, and the story stands now at 4650 words, and I have a feeling I might get back into it tonight.  If I’m not too tired.  But I will do the NaNo Novel edit this afternoon . . . when I’ve had a little nap and my head has cleared a bit.  And I will take that slowly, because I know I don’t have to kill myself to get it done.

Though I’m interested to see my lesbian vampire eating bacon.  ‘Cause, you know . . . vampires, like everything else, go better with bacon.

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