Homemade Rocket to the Stars

Despite feeling way the hell under the weather yesterday I managed a lot.  The good news is I’m sort of half way through my NaNo Novel with my edit.  37,600 words in, 12 chapters out of 24 down, and it’s looking very good.  I’ll likely start in on Chapter 13 later in the day; once that’s finished I’ll be over the 40,000 word limit and closing in on the real half way mark of the novel.

Sure, I said I’d start up on my new stuff in the mornings before getting into editing, but I finished out the night with a few hundred words left to edit on the novel, so I wanted to get that out of the way before moving into the new stuff.  I have a very good idea about finishing off the next section of my work in progress, and I’m of the belief that I’ll have that done with only a few hundred more words.  I will like start on the next section of that later, too, and I know this next section will probably end up being the longest.  I know I said I’d make this WiP a “short story”, but short, to me, is a relative condition.  I’ve still got the magic Word Count Target set at 7000 words, but I’m already up to 4650 after just 2 sections and change, and there are 5 remaining scenes after the one I’m in . . . yeah, getting this in at 7000 words is probably out of the question.

I slept well during the night; the pain that had greeted me early Saturday morning did not reappear.  Which was good, because I needed sleep; I needed to rest my weary head.  And when I did, the dreams came . . ..

Yeah, my head has been all over the place of late, and last night it sort of reflected that.  The strangest thing that came into my head was something pertaining to a woman I knew who built a homemade rocket with the intention of making her way to the moon and back.  I know, strange.  And even stranger, she asked me to help, because when it comes to moon rockets, I’m the go-to guy.

So off to space she flew.  She made it around the moon–it was a simple slingshot around–and headed back to land safely.  During the time I got private messages from her: one of them, as she went behind the moon, was a simple, “I love you”, and I remember feeling so nice about that one, because how many guys get that sort of message from the moon?

And when she made it back to Earth she married some other guy and asked me to help them set up their patio because, obviously, I understand the casual life.

It seems that even in my dreams I get owned in ways that are designed to knock my ego straight back into the dirt.

But all wasn’t lost.  Even though I had a dream that would, normally, leave one wallowing in their tears while curling up in a corner in the fetal position, something else happened to bring this out of the gutter–

I was visited by Kerry and Annie.

If you’ve spent any amount of time reading these diatribes that pass for rational thought, you’ll know about Kerry and Annie.  In short, Kerry is a character I’ve played in a Harry Potter-style online role play, and Annie is his girlfriend.  During the previous summer of 2011 both characters got a lot of chances to strut their stuff, but of late, what with real life sometimes being a pain in the butt, they haven’t done much in the way of interacting within their world.

Even so, they still come to mind in the most unusual ways.  Yesterday we had just the smallest touch of snow here in northwest Indiana, which was enough to make the roads incredible slick but little else.  It actually looks beautiful in its own dangerous way, giving one a sense of serenity that is very calming.

My dream had to do with snow.  And with Kerry and Annie.  Kerry is half-American, half-Welsh, and while born in California, he currently lives in Cardiff, Wales.  Because of his upbringing, snow isn’t something he sees very often.  (Yes, I know they get snow in Cardiff, but not a lot.  Must have something to do with The Rift.)

Annie, on the other hand, lives in the mountains of Bulgaria, so snow is second nature to her.  She probably thinks Kerry’s view of snow is rather strange, because for several months out of the year she’s bundled up in heavy coats, mittens, and boots, while Kerry was probably moping about in a jacket regardless of the Welsh weather.

In the dream it was just starting to snow in Maine, and for Kerry the snowfall seemed like something magical.  Sure, being the middle of Maine it was a little more intense than the snow fall I saw yesterday morning, but still . . . two kids, out in their winter clothing, walking around a walled school laying in the shadow of a mountain, staring up into the snow-filled sky . . . when I woke up I really felt a certain peace for them both, and relish the days I had playing with them–as well as looking forward to the days when I can romp with them once more.

Ah, they have so many tales to tell.  If only I could tell them all.