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Half and Half

Half measures; half baked.  Half way to nowhere?  Where is this headed?

Good question.

Yesterday was another day of getting out of the house and sitting down and writing out and about with the hoi polloi.  Time to fire up the computer, plug in the earbuds, fire up the music, and type like crazy.  The chapter in question for my NaNo Novel is a huge one: it started out at 8,500 words, and after getting just about half way through the sucker it’s still about 8,500 words, but it’s looking a lot cleaner.

And as I joked about on Facebook, I found my gargoyles.  Did you lose your gargoyles?  I hope not.  Mine will mess you up.  So watch out.

And then into the Work in Progress.  I got into writing what was Part 4, and when I got to the end of one sentence I realized–hey, this is the end of this part.  I shouldn’t go any farther, because to do so wouldn’t fit with what’s been written here already.

So Part 4 because Part 4 and then Part 5, and so instead of 8 scenes for the WiP, it became 9 . . . and this is why I love Scrivener, because I can just duplicate a chapter/scene card, throw a little information on that card, and there you go, I’m ready to roll.

So in the Work in Progress I’m at the–wait, here it comes–half way point.  Not in words, mind you, but I’m there in scenes.  The one I’m currently in will probably be a bit long; could be 2,000 words, I don’t know for sure.  I know the one after that will be shorter, and the one after that will be longer . . . which is my way of saying I have no idea how long this will be.  The Scrivener Project Targets Word Count says I am at 7,150 words–after adding 495 words last night in a wine-fueled sprint–and this means that there is no way in hell this story will fit into the “short story” category; novelette seems the best bet.

After having a few days of feeling like I was going no where fast, and that I was getting bogged down the in morass of my own mind, things have been flowing for me rather nicely.  I will admit I could have written more last night, but hey: when you have a big glass of wine helping you get the message out of your head and into the word processor, when it tells you it’s time to sleep you go sleep.  I’ll be back on the WiP today, just as I’ll get into the edit for the NaNo Novel.

The big question is will I go out today for lunch?  The daughter is home from school and isn’t old enough to leave home while daddy is out and about playing Struggling Artist in the Coffee House.  However . . . she has her own computer, so maybe she’d like getting out with her machine and showing off to her friends that she’s hangin’ in public and chattin’ on the computer, holla.  Ah, it doesn’t matter if she likes that or not.  If I decide to go, she goes.  That’s the end of the story.

For the first time in a while I have a good feeling on my stories.  It might have something to do with the fact that I’m over a sort of hump here: half way through a big chapter, half way through a new story.  The NaNo Novel is showing a new word count of 84,600 words, which means over the course of almost 53,400 edited words (everything within the first two parts of the novel, save the last half of Chapter 15), I’ve removed a little over 2,000 words.  I’ll go out on a limb here and say I’ll likely cut out another 1,000 words or so by the time I finish Part 3, and that will mean there’s a very good chance the NaNo Novel will come in at about 83,500 words.

And when I get this published–noticed I didn’t say “if”?–it’s going to end up a nice little read.

The first of many, I’m very certain . . ..

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