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Three Part Harmony

I have my work cut out for me; Parts One and Part Two of the NaNo Novel are edited, done.  That leaves Part Three and 9 chapters, and I do my math there are 9 days left in the year . . . so if I do what I should do, that means the edit for the novel will finish up at the end of this year–or the very first day of the next year.

Yeah, baby.  That’s some work.

Chapter 15, my biggest chapter, got a serious makeover.  The first draft version was 8,502 words; the revised draft version ended up 8,237 words.  265 words might not sound like a huge cut, but it was not just words being removed; there was a lot of things that were rewritten, that were moved around so they made more sense.  It was one of the reasons I spent 2 days getting this chapter in shape, because I knew it was going to take time to whip that sucker–a short story in its own way–into shape.

So the entire novel currently sits with a word count of 84,436 words with 31,207 words remaining and in need of a good massage.  I look at those numbers and my head spins just a little.  Part One now sits at 22,072 words and Part Two is 31,157.  (Thank you, Scrivener, for allowing me to see those numbers with just a few clicks of the mouse.)

I do my math and . . . there’s still 37 percent of the book left to do, and 9 days to whip it into shape.

It’ll get done.  Yes, I have a couple of chapters just a hair over 2,000 words–and another that about 5,500.  Yesh.  We’ll see what happens.

At the same time the Work in Progress continues.  495 words down last night.  As I told Trusty Editortm the other day, the words for that story are crawling out of me rather than flying, but they are still coming out.  This is a story I really felt I had to write, and it’s the first one I’ve been so deliberate when creating.  I also think that with the massive edit–which also came off the heels of writing it in white-hot speed–my mind is looking for of distractions that don’t involve writing.  Someone told me that I should have taken about a month between finishing  the novel and beginning the edit, and I’m starting to thing that’s a good idea.  Or not.  I don’t know.  I still feel getting into the edit with a week and a half between drafts wasn’t a bad idea, and I now think that it’s only affecting my Work in Progress only because something in my brain is saying that after editing 3,500 words in a day, my brain doesn’t want to mess up on the new stuff, so take it easy.

We’ll see today.  Oh, yes.  We will.

I’m gonna mix things up a bit today.  I think lunch time is a good time for WiP Time.  Lets give that a shot.

5 thoughts on “Three Part Harmony

  1. Nice post. Tis harder to write abook than what people think, huh? I bet yours will be a good one; you aren’t afraid to revise and edit until you get it right.

    Dr. Tom Bibey, author, “The Mandolin Case”

    • Oh, yes. I’ve given a shot at writing a novel before, but this is the first one that’s really coming together for me. It’s been a good end of the year; self-published a horror story and sold another to an independent press. Now to get the novel sold.

      And people never understand the creative process until they do it themselves . . ..

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