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The Night Before Whomass

Wouldn’t you know it?  Here we are, a few more hours before Christmas kicks off, and when I’m not out shopping for food and taking the daughter to her martial arts class, I’ve been trying to write.

And doing well.

I actually knocked off a little over 600 words on the Work in Progress this morning.  For some reason my fingers don’t want to type the way they used to, but then I’ve been putting out a lot of writing of late, and it’s not easy for them to do what they’re suppose to do.  The WiP is over 9,000 words now, and if I had to guess, I’d say 15,000 total isn’t out of the question.

And editing progresses on the NaNo Novel.  I’ve finished about one-third of Chapter 17, which considering the interruptions I’ve had today isn’t bad.  I’ll likely get more done tonight, but I don’t think I’ll finish it.  Then again, I said the same thing about Chapter 16 last night, and by 11 PM I finished that, so who knows?

I’ll also write tomorrow as well.  It’s just me and the wife and kid, so why not?  The next chapter in the NaNo is a huge one–over 5,000 words–so it’s going to need work.  And if I want to try and finish this up by the 1st of the next year, I gotta get cracking.

But before that happens . . . it’s the Doctor Who Christmas Special tonight, and I can’t miss that!  Haven’t missed one yet, so the daughter and I will watch it and wonder why Matt is doing something strange, or why the Grand Moffat is throwing strange nightmare fuel creatures at us again.  Or why the TARDIS isn’t working right.  (Damn thing has broken down a lot since Matt took it over.)

In my geeky way, it’ll be Merry Whomass for me tonight.

Tomorrow . . . that’s another day.  I’ll worry about that when I wake up.

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