Getting Down to Change

Post 198, and there are two days remaining to the year that is 2011.  I have pretty much written it off, and I’m looking to the future.  That’s really all there is to do, and I know to look back on the past is to keep it close to your heart.

And I’ve enough of that these days.

Today has been a day of writing, writing, writing.  I popped off 600 words on the new story and finished the scene.  For some reason it doesn’t feel right to me, but that doesn’t matter now, because when it comes time to edit I’ll see how to make it better.  My first draft feels good, however, and that’s the thing that is important.  If I can get a first draft that’s very well defined, then the edit comes along even better.

Which is how I’m feeling about my NaNo Novel.  When I say I’m rewriting, I’m just changing things here and there.  The story is solid; the prose is good.  I’m not doing a major change to the plot; no, I got that right the first time around.  So it’s all about tightening the story, cleaning it up.

Again, getting it right.

However . . . I had someone buy my story Kuntilanak the other day, and they gave me great feedback.  They loved the story–but!  They found a few errors.  And errors piss me off.  Trusty Editortm and I went through a couple of edits of the story, and we had it very clean.  But now, going through it again, I found the errors, and one was so freakin’ big I about kicked myself.  So, this afternoon I’ve been going through the document, and I’ll get it cleaned up over the next couple of days and upload a new copy.  And take what I’ve learned from this publication and apply them to future stories.

Last night I was thinking about my role playing character, Kerry, and his girlfriend Annie, and it hit me: I know of a way to do them in a story, and to make it a story that pulls in their history and makes it there own, and allow them to be characters in their own way.  How?  If I told you now I’d give too much away.  Needless to say, if I ever write that story, it will feel bittersweet.  The story would also feel a little strange, because it happens in an existing universe–but I know how to put it into a universe of my own.  I so love these kids . . . I never want them to vanish.

Because when someone has been one of the only good things about 2011, you certainly want to keep them around forever.  Don’t you?