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The Future Now

First, a couple of quick notes.  Number one:  today’s post is number 293, which means there are seven more before I get to number 300, and that means I have to write something special.  Sure, no problem.  I can do that.  Number two: the first anniversary of this blog is coming up, though that’s an even trickier proposition.

The very first thing I posted here happened on 13 April, 2011, but it wasn’t much.  In fact, it really wasn’t anything.  Then I didn’t post anything until 29 April, and that was–well, lame.  So 30 April is really the first post where I sat down and did anything worth while.  So I’m somewhat conflicted about when I should have my anniversary party.  I may just forget 13 April ever happened and wait until the end of that month.  We’ll see.

So, here we have it . . . I’ve finish my own white whale, and what am I gonna do?  I got asked that by the Muse, you know:  “What’s you’re plan now?”  You can almost hear that tone in her voice, the one that’s telling you, “You better have one, or it’s back to slaving in the IT mines that you hate so much.”

See, that is my ultimate goal:  to get out of “working” in IT altogether and spend my remaining years making some kind of income of the art of slapping words down on a page and getting people to actually pay to see said words. I’m not asking for big, big money, though that’s always nice.  But, hey:  if I could get by making fifty, sixty thousand a year, I’d be happy.  If I could make one hundred thousand a year I’d be happier, but I’ll worry about that when I get my first royalty check.  (In case anyone is wondering, I’m actually made about $52 off my writing last year.  It can only get better, trust me . . .)

What is there to do?  As I told The Muse, I’ve got the follow:  I’ve got one long story that I could sell, but it needs a lot of polishing; I’ve got another longer story that’s almost a novel, and with a little editing I could probably get it up around forty five, fifty thousand words and make it one; I’ve got my NaNo Novel, Her Demonic Majesty, which needs another pass to get nice and shiny; and I’ve got Transporting, which is really three novels, and which I promised one of my readers I won’t look at that again until at least May.

That is a lot to work with.

Really, this next week is an easy one.  Get out the spreadsheet; get on the internet; look for publishers; add names to titles; write queries.  That’s it?  That’s it.  I got it; I’m gone.

This is the truth of the matter:  if I’m not selling this stuff, what good is it doing me?  I mean, I’ve had a few people read my stories, and I’ve gotten great responses.  They are also writers, and that makes me feel even better that they consider my work to be worthy.

It’s time to get that talent out there.

Today is Travel Day, back to The Real Home.  This weekend I’m probably doing taxes and blogging–and maybe doing a little writing, ’cause I’ve got an idea.  So I’ll have plenty of time to get started on the next phase of my writing life.  And next week I’ll get my letters ready to send out.   And you know we’ll I’ll send them–

Because what sort of writer would I be if I didn’t tell everyone here about it?


6 thoughts on “The Future Now

  1. Hi Raymond,

    I am a very amateur blogger and would like to say a huge ‘Thank You’ for liking my recent post – I very much appreciate your support.

    Intrigued to read about you, I am amazed, it certainly does sound like you have plenty to get out there and will be looking out for more news.

    I’m loving your artwork too. I’d quite like to add some simple cartoon strips to my ‘short stories’,- Any recommendations welcome!

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