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The Source Code of Our Lives

Fighting colds is something I’m not very good doing.

Got through yesterday feeling like I was one step away from dying at any moment.  The festival I attended was good, and the Japanese food was wonderful–and I got to see the Japanese woman in charge of the festivities walking around in full-body Pikachu pajamas with hood.  Now that you’ve seen that, you’ll never unsee it.  You’re welcome.

But once home–after getting taking on a one and a half hour walking tour which I really wasn’t up for, but I’m a good host–I just died.  Stuffed, tired, sweating, it was all I could do just to sit at the computer and play a game.  Talked to a few people, but that was about the extent of it.  The best thing I could do was kill time until about 10 PM, because I didn’t want to crash earlier.

Fortunately I lucked into catching Source Code, which I hadn’t seen before now.  Since I’m into watching anything that involves quantum physics, time travel, and David Bowie’s son, I was there.  It also gave me a chance to med up and relax, and make it to 10 PM, and the hope of a long night’s sleep.  Ha!  Better luck next time, sucker.

It was an interesting movie, and since I’m sort of used to messing with time myself–only in stories, mind you–it was, for me, a good way to blow through a couple of hours.  ‘Course, the highlight for me was hearing Scott Bakula give an, “Oh, boy,” shout-out to the guy doing the quantum leaping, in a way putting a cherry on this time traveling sunday.  Maybe I should use Sam Becket in one of my novels–wait.  Already did that.  Move on.

I didn’t do any writing at all–none.  First time for me in a while.  Doesn’t mean I wasn’t thinking stories, because I totally was.  Even sick, I’m grinding away.  I’m kind of finalizing a story in my head, based upon an idea I came up with–well, let me check . . .

Wow.  This is a first for me.  I couldn’t find the story, which means I must have deleted it.  Which means I really wasn’t happy with it.  Damn.

But I did blog about it . . .

Last year, 3 May–my 54th birthday, if you’re keeping track–I talked about how I would start working on a story called, Lorelei’s Lessons, which was going to be a little foray into erotica.  I actually managed about 2,000 words on the story before–hell, who knows?  That time last year I couldn’t write at all.  Lot of plans, no follow through.

The last week or so I’ve been thinking about Lorelei again, only this time from a different perspective.  Actually, in the last week I’ve looked at it from about three different ways, and discarded a lot of the ideas, one of which included making it a full-on fantasy with an appearance by a real goddess.

However, I have it down in my mind.  That’s what I do, get it all imagined in my head before I start setting up chapter cards in Scrivener.  I can create the characters, get pictures of what I think they look like, set up the rules for what will happen . . .

And then write.  If that’s what I want to do.

There’s a something in me head that tells me to do something else.  I don’t know why; maybe my mind doesn’t like Lorelei.  Maybe there’s something about her that repels me.  Maybe I just don’t want to waste time with her story.

It’s interesting, don’t you think?  I do want to write her tale, but I feel . . . uninspired.  Or maybe it’s this cold, because a couple of weeks ago I was totally hot to go . . .

Source coding.  Quantum leaping into the past and altering the present.  It doesn’t actually alter the present; I know this, because I do the same thing in Transporting, and in Echoes.  It’s all about the new realities that are created by our actions.

This is what writers do.  We find a point in time, jump into it, and begin messing with thing.  We look at what could be, and turn it into “What if?”  Even in other universes, we tamper with causality.  I wrote Her Demonic Majesty back in November, and these days I’m thinking about what I can do to make it a working universe for a group of characters that were created for a completely different universe.

We push our characters into situations and made them dance.  We fool around with cause and effect; we change reality.  It’s will-working on a meta scale.

It beats being normal, let me tell you.

4 thoughts on “The Source Code of Our Lives

  1. hope you feel better soon!! Glad yo enjoyed the festival sounds like loads of fun!! Writing is fun.

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