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Starting the Engines

Oh, look:  I did a racing call-out.  Well, we are on the cusp of Memorial Day weekend, and some have already started that sucker up.  A few people were out of my office yesterday, and today I’m expecting about half of them to be starting a four-day weekend.

Not me.  I’ll be “working”–uh, sure–today, then about 4:30 PM, local time, I’ll be on the interstate doing the Indiana 150 with hundreds of idiots looking to get out of town.  Or maybe not.  Maybe the roads will be nice today because so many people will have gotten the jump on things, and all I’ll need to do is watch for cops.  And keep my towel close by.

I used to watch a lot of auto racing, because I used to follow the sport closely, going back to the late 1960’s.  Memorial Day Sunday used to be a big deal for me.  I’d get up early to check on the status of whatever F1 race was scheduled (usually the Monaco Grand Prix, like this weekend), then I’d watch the Indianapolis 500, and after that was over, I’d check on the Coca-Cola 600.  Lots of time spent watching cars drive around on a circuit, you betcha.

These days I don’t have the interest.  Part of it was realizing I had more fun with my computer simulation games, driving around fast, racing other players or AIs, and hoping I didn’t wear out my tires too quickly.  Part of it was realizing that, for the longest times in races, just like in most sports, nothing is actually happening.  Just ’round and ’round and ’round, with an occasional wreck to keep you awake.

Anymore, where I have some free time, I’m writing.  Or editing.  Or doing research.  Or a combination of the three.  I can follow a race on the Internet while I’m working on the computer, so I don’t need to be in from of the TV watching spots going fast, and hearing commentators droning on about nothing.  That’s my gig these days.  One day I hope to make it the gig, but for now it’s more the thing I’m trying to do while I’m paying the bills doing something else.

I have a few goals for this weekend.  Query letter:  check.  It’s getting done this weekend, for sure.  No, really.  I’ve been sitting around with a thumb up my butt for too long, and it’s time to get with it.  So, tomorrow–research, editing, writing . . . sending.  You’ll see.

Either Saturday or Sunday, I believe I’ll start Diners at the Memory’s End.  It’s gestated long enough, and my Scrivener cork board is looking at me, going, “What?  You made me, so aren’t you going to do anything with me?”  Pesky cork boards.  They can nag you more than your significant other at times.  But since that board is up and ready to go–and since I’m very close to finishing the final edit on Her Demonic Majesty, I should go for it.

And Sunday . . . I might just start up another story.  About?  I already stated in one blog post an idea I had for a story, and I think I’ll look at that on the Big Cork Board.  If nothing else, it’ll get the mind going, maybe get some other ideas going.

Eleven hours to go before I’m on the road and heading home.  Can’t wait to get out of here.

Just remember:  Don’t Panic, and keep your towel close.  You never know what’s coming your way.

Least of all today.

9 thoughts on “Starting the Engines

  1. Awesome!!I hope you have good travel time going home today and a great weekend. Mine sounds a lot like yours..I have a date with scriveners also.. getting my edits done today. some research. Setting up the new blog short story and hoping this weekend to get a good start on this one. May grill tomorrow and Monday!! Have a great weekend!

  2. I hope you have a great weekend Raymond, and get lots of writing in, with no speeding tickets, coming or going. I’m sure the cops will be itching to pop that old ticket book out and bring in some badly needed revenue for their jurisdictions, thanks to people in a hurry.

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